Saturday, May 11, 2013

lord, lord, that greed, it'll kill you

[21:39] Exxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I got spooked from falling asleep at my keyboard to be told the obvious -yawn-
[21:40] mxxxxxx Axxxxx: Eggplant
[21:43] kxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: cheese

For some reason, this is relevant today.

Curious about where Lovecraftian monsters fall within their pantheon of horror? This might help.

Have a small (aheh) collection of tiny adorable tattoos. You're welcome?

Oh, and sure, there are more wiring diagrams needed, and at least a limited materials-needed list would be helpful, but this gives you at least a general idea of what you'd keep you up at night.

Also, did you know you can get a free month of Reddit Gold (sort of their equivalent of pro membership) just by sending them a postcard? That's interesting. (It might just be a free trial of the gold service; but it's still interesting.)

And just to mention this, for fellow horror fans, there are a few movie posters popping up that seem to be advertisements for films coming to theatres soon, but in fact are advertisements for You're Next, a horror film coming this August. It's a freakishly brilliant ad campaign. Kudos to Lionsgate.

Some more information on the Labrador pup mentioned yesterday from that friend:
Maggie is a 10 week old black lab puppy. She is part of my sister-in-law's family. She started acting lethargic and confused shortly after they all came to our area for a vacation/visit. They took Maggie to a local vet hospital for tests, and it turns out she has a liver shunt ( It can be managed short term with diet and medicine, but for one as large and external like Maggie's, surgery is the only long term solution. My sis-in-law's family is already stretched beyond thin. The surgery itself costs upwards of $3,000 - and they already had over $1,000 in bills from the vet this week. I hope that helps a bit.
And, thanks to a ton of passionate, invested, creative folks, the NeoLucida device will receive full funding--and at some point, will be able to buy for the general public. Yay!

There's a new theory being tossed around as to why the Egyptians stopped building pyramids. It's fairly interesting, too, and consistent with the fact that Egypt as a whole, while more temperate earlier on, was always warmer than other locales.

That the perfection of construction was what caused the destruction of later pyramids, though...that's rather stunning as a concept. Apparently, you can be too good at something. Who knew?

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