Wednesday, May 15, 2013

having that feeling when there's no one awake

Ladies, do you know where your towel is? Let [pop shop] help with that.

If you're not interested in wearing your towel, or aren't female, there's also a unisex, carryable variant with "DON'T PANIC" written on it in large, friendly letters.

Interestingly enough, beyond May 25th being the annual Towel Day to celebrate the life and works of Douglas Adams, it's also African Liberation Day, Lucky Penny Day, the second lunar eclipse for 2013, the next upcoming zombie race in Ohio, the largest planned march on Washington by gun owners this year...Actually, that would go really well with the zombie race. Oh, and it's also smack dab in the middle of May, which is itself named after the Greek goddess Maia (so it's also known as Flower Month), American Bike Month (as well as Alternate Transportation Month); National Strawberry Month; National Salad Month; Creative Beginnings Month, Get Caught Reading Month, International Victorious Woman Month, National Hamburger Month, Moving Month, React Month; Asian-Pacific Heritage Month; Asparagus Month; National Egg Month, National Mental Health Month (at least in the US); National Salsa Month, National Gazpacho Afficionado Month, National Chocolate Custard Month, National Barbecue Month, National Hamburger Month (White Castle started this one), International Mediterranean Diet Month...It's also International Pickle Week, National Dog Bite Prevention Week, National Taffy Day, and World Turtle Day, among others.

In fact, it's also National Month Month. So go wild, or...whatever it is you do to celebrate the "monthiness" of any given month.

Hey! Are your carrots just not sharp enough? Design firm Karoto wants to help with that. Now, you'll never have to worry about dull, non-lethal carrots ever again. You're welcome.

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