Saturday, May 4, 2013

and I dream of the sky, broken clouds drifting by

[16:25 PM] dxxxxx Axxxx: Our total has now reached L$ 8,993,190, which means that Fantasy Faire 2013 has just become the single largest fundraising event in the history of Second Life.

Just amazing.

In other news, crazy people are crazy. That's what makes them crazy. AKA, poor Casper.

Moving to technology--of a sort--have some steampunk case mods! And watch that space--the writer wants to update that with new ones when he finds them.

Moving to charity, have you heard of Blessings in a Backpack? I think this is such an amazing idea. They ask schools to consider if they can fundraise enough money to "purchase" one backpack per student in need--$80 is enough to feed one child with non-perishable, easy-to-prepare foods for one year--and then they're enrolled in the program. Each child then receives a backpack (new, or gently used) which can be used for school supplies afterwards, which is packed to bursting with peanut butter, tuna, crackers, meal bars, mini cereal boxes, juice boxes...whatever will keep and can be prepared safely without heat or refrigeration, just in case.

They definitely need more eyes on their cause.

The blogger list (no, I'm not on it, next year I promise I'll try sooner!) and the merchant list (two whole sims this year!) have been finalized for the upcoming World Goth Fair, which will be sometime near May 22nd (the official World Goth Day). There's a stellar line-up of vendors, and Axi Kurmin is working her virtual rear off getting everything organized. More when I have it, but in the meantime, wander the site--it's been updated with all the new names.

The exhibitors for this year's Home & Garden Expo have been announced, too. The Home & Garden Expo is generally a lower-key affair, but if you want to know the state of the current virtual art--at least where interior decoration and landscaping are concerned--that's where you want to be.

I'm still trying to figure this next one out. Matthew Inman bought Wardenclyffe. Yeah, that Matthew Inman. Yeah, that Wardenclyffe.

Well, at least we know he really likes Tesla, so...yay?

Full-color 3D printers, anyone? They're on their way.

As much as I am a staunch proponent of gaining a foothold on Mars, Robert Inventor makes some truly excellent points against it.

Why do we blush? AsapSCIENCE tries to break it down for us.

And Pteron the art sim is no more. So far, no one knows why. It's very sad.

And have some sushi cats. You're welcome.

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