Wednesday, February 10, 2010

they'll never say they feel what you feel, that they can see the world you see

I'm posting this one at some point in 2010; but I'm writing it in 2012, because it's for me, not readers. People who get confused going through the archives, well, this is part of why.

From an extensive post on coping with eating disorders comes a list of suggestions. I'm pulling those ones that seem most helpful in my current straits.

the world beyond my skin
dress to feel comfortable ☥ start the morning with self-care, grooming to feel my best ☥ recognize that my thinking about my body may be distorted ☥ work on hobbies and handicrafts ☥ go for a walk ☥ watch a movie ☥ talk to and pet animals ☥ don't take extra money when you go out ☥ go out

improving my feelings
listen to music ☥ acknowledge my feelings ☥ forgive myself ☥ allow myself to feel forgiven ☥ accept compliments without reservations ☥ tell myself I'm okay ☥ accept that where I am, what I feel now is normal ☥ allow myself quiet time ☥ don't bottle my emotions ☥ find ways to let the pain out ☥ shout into a pillow ☥ learn to relax ☥ understand that I may not have a choice; that I may disagree, but have to compromise anyway

improving my mental state
find something else to do ☥ be creative any way I can ☥ recognize that my thinking in general may be distorted ☥ make a checklist of accomplishments ☥ learn something new ☥ set short term goals ☥ anticipate good times to come ☥ make plans to deal with bad times ☥ encourage myself with pep talks ☥ make a list of my strengths ☥ when things don't go well, remember it's not my fault

new routines
eat three well-balanced meals that are satisfying ☥ make lunch my main meal ☥ plan healthy snacks ☥ set my meal times four to five hours apart ☥ make a shopping list and stick to it ☥ if I have trouble knowing when I am hungry, I should plan to eat at set times ☥ clean something ☥ dust something ☥ nurture myself, even if I don't feel like it ☥ acknowledge that my greatest responsibility right now is my health

things to help me improve
make an inspiration wall ☥ take a self-defense class ☥ take up swimming again ☥ take a self-awareness or self-assertiveness class ☥ window-shop ☥ exercise ☥ set funds aside for a goal, even if it's just pennies now and again ☥ ultimately, find something else to do ☥ wear perfume ☥ learn new hair styles ☥ make flowers and pin them on my walls ☥ paint my nails ☥ buy new makeup ☥ go someplace where I can be with people even if I do not want to talk

I need to refer back to this often.

And I might need to make a comfort box.

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