Saturday, February 27, 2010

and after the day, the darkness will hide me

Shared media in 2.0? Peter Stindberg says it's more shared loss of privacy. I say he's right. Linden Labs hasn't said anything in response, but frankly, I don't think they much care.

New film coming out of Germany (I think; I think it's German, but there's some French intermixed) called Cargo. It looks impressive as hell.

The banhammers are in for the Caledon Banhammer contest! There are five hammers and one...geared...badge-thing. The badge is lovely, we all agree on that, but it rather missed the point of 'hammer' in terms of the contest.

At any rate, go vote for them in Winterfell Absinthe; consider this the official kick-off for SLRFL in Caledon. The contest will last until March 6th; winner will be decided by the maximum donations to that kiosk. Happy voting!

And it seems that some members of Caledon were unable to come to the Caledon 4th Anniversary Ball because they were banned from the parcel it was held upon. As noted, this seems particularly unsporting; especially if they're banned nowhere else in Caledon. Anyone have more information on this?

On to other matters. I will admit, I joined the Nenashigusa Nest group, and sat in this chair for forty minutes, for this outfit:

shopping,lingerie,Second Life

Because the only way to get that outfit is if you joined the group (it's a group-only camping chair) and sat for forty minutes in it.

shopping,lingerie,Second Life

There's lovely detail work on the back, with the folded ribbon straps. There's detail for plenty on the bodice, as well; simply breathtaking for something that only takes time, not Lindens. If you like spiders, at least.

shopping,lingerie,Second Life

I like spiders.

But I also like Wanderer the Wind's design aesthetic:

shopping,lingerie,Second Life

They're simple but highly detailed pieces; usually on a limited number of layers, no copy, no modify, but all transfer.

shopping,lingerie,Second Life

They waver between L$60 and L$80 per set, which is amazingly inexpensive for this level of quality.

shopping,lingerie,Second Life

And there's at least one option that's of potential use in Caledon; they call it a "slip" but the cut is similar enough to simple sleeping corsets, it could work.


Hair is from the "Lara" line in Grey from Discord Designs; eyes are from the House of Ruin, they're her Thaumaturge Love eyes (and currently a freebie!); wings are the Lace Bat Wings in Tintable Black from Seven's Selections; stockings are the ALB Cuban Heel stockings in "light braun"; skin is Adam & Eve's Pandora Gothic Web (no idea whether it's available anymore); and shoes (not that you can see them) are from Adam & Eve's "Miranda" line of shoes in "Coffee Bean". There you go, I don't usually identify everything I'm wearing, I just take pictures.


Lalo Telling said...

The Divine Miss Em ;)

Emilly Orr said...


Well, I just think lingerie looks better on a body, is all.