Thursday, February 18, 2010

but when I looked under the blankets I saw the legs of a fish

Screwing in the dead? I guess. At least it would be neat, in that sense of a simple, single process. It's all one thing in the patent pictures: body in the screw length, cap is left above the ground, so becomes the base of whatever memorial stone is desired. Though I'm sure jokes would be made ad nauseum about the process.

What happens when a sonic boom hits a sun dog? This. (All courtesies to Mr. Allen, who found it.)

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I am now very, very scared. If you read this blog and somehow manage to be a Twilight fan (and don't care in the least about intellectual copyright issues), then by all means go visit. Just don't mind me when I shriek and run away.

In the meantime...

[19:15] Ranma Tardis: I wish to make an announcement to the Caledon Community
[19:16] Ranma Tardis: In the past I have been rude and inconsiderate to Serra Anansi who did nothing to deserve this vile treatment
[19:17] Ranma Tardis: gets down on tatami mat putting head to floor
[19:17] Ranma Tardis: I wish to apologise to her for my bad conduct offering no excuse for my vile treatment to her
[19:19] Ranma Tardis: I have sent her an IM and notecard state my sincern appoligise
[19:20] Ranma Tardis: I also wish to beg the forgiveness of those I have offended in Caledon
[19:20] Emilly Orr raises an eyebrow
[19:21] Sophie Zuta: ??\
[19:21] Emilly Orr: What brought this on, seriously?
[19:21] Ranma Tardis: been meaning to do it for some time
[19:23] Ranma Tardis: I wish to beg the forgiveness of the people of Winterfell
[19:24] Ranma Tardis: It is a wonderful community
[19:30] Ranma Tardis: Caledon and Winterfell thank you for hearing me out. Bows low

There. Never let it be said I'm so grossly unfair that I won't pass this fervid apology on to the most eyes possible. I have edited as much of the retorts--and I will freely admit, mostly mine--out in the process, so her words' pure intent is displayed.

There you go.

*goes off to kick something small and helpless*


Anonymous said...

Well, considering the fact that I have never heard her say a word about Miss Serra or Winterfell, but have on numerous occasions heard her excoriate CoyoteAngel Dimsum (whom she has confused with yet another fine lady whom I will not mention here), I find it impossible to divine any intent in her words.

If she has, in fact, been groundlessly badmouthing Miss Serra and Winterfell in addition to her other unbalanced activities, then it only adds to my sadness at her mental state.

Emilly Orr said...

That's not her first and only confusion as to whom is responsible for what; and she's had it in for Lady Serra, and Winterfell, since she flew over someone's private estate and their security orb (allowed in Winterfell) poofed her back home.

But that, paired with her apparent total inability to remember specific harms done, just a general sense that she should makes it hard for me not to see this as yet another attention-seeking move on her part.

Rhianon Jameson said...

My general (if naive) philosophy is to take apologies at face value unless evidence indicates otherwise. (N.B. This doesn't apply to Tiger Woods, Gov. Sanford, Kobe Bryant, and Pres. Clinton, among others.)

I've heard the nasty comments directed at the "House of Wu" and Caledon in general, and I've been confused. Glad to hear I'm not the only one.

P.S. I'd seen the Twilight avs. Some seemed more recognizable than others. But whatever floats your boat, I suppose.

Emilly Orr said...

What was notable to me, going through it, was that she addressed Lady Serra by name, yet no one else in Winterfell; and apologized to Caledon and Winterfell as entities, but named no names specifically.

I'm still thinking it's a case of needing new meds, or the meds needing to be changed; not sure which, and I'm definitely not asking.

Ranma said...

You need to say these things to my face. Your story is wrong. Talk behind her back, oni come back.

Emilly Orr said...

Ranma, I'm not entirely sure the oni ever left.

Think seriously on this: you apologize to Lady Serra, but not to CoyoteAngel Dimsum. You apologize to all of Caledon offhandedly, then dismiss it as something you don't remember specifically. To press the point further, in conversation with me, you say it might have related to things you said on the Steamlander forums (from which you were once, and I believe still are, banned from posting), but since you don't remember, it's baseless apologia.

I have no doubt you are sincere, in every way you can be; I just also have no doubt you'll do something in future which will require similar groveling and scraping.

I'm more than willing to say this to your face, oni or not; more to the point, I'm saying it publically, and never intended it to be scuttlebutt behind your back.