Monday, March 23, 2015

picking up things we shouldn't read

For those on the grid who prefer a less youthful appearance, it can be difficult to find appropriate holiday attire. DarkDharma aims to fix that, at least partially, with a complete Mrs. Claus avatar. It retails for L$795, which sounds a tad steep, but it includes:

  • the full mesh avatar for Mrs. Claus
  • the full outfit, including sculpted boots
  • mesh hair and mobcap
  • capelet and glasses
  • the alpha layer to make everything work
  • and a detailed, sculpted cookie tray which can be clicked to offer cookies to guests or wandering friends
I won't say it's a steal at that price, but considering everything that's included, it's a reasonable deal.

The above is in a box, because I wrote it--obviously--in December of 2014. How'ver, I recently checked and yes, the avatar is still available on the Marketplace for that price. So my question now is, can it be used for other things? Like, can you dress the base Mrs. Claus avatar up in other mesh clothing? If so, that might well be a good look for the seeking-wrinkles set.

In other news, I'd never heard of hanging bridges before today, and now I'm fascinated.

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