Friday, March 27, 2015

I can't come out to find you, I don't like to go outside

This just happened:

[17:50] Ixxxxxx Txxxxxx: [Pxxxxx] - do you collect just tea cups or things in tea cups too?

Of course, it started small, as all things do. With a conversation about collecting teacups and things in teacups.

[17:51] Axxxxx Sxxxxxxxx: both [Ixx], as long as it's a teacup.. she'd probably even collect a teacup ride if she could find one in a gacha lol
[17:52] Ixxxxxx Txxxxxx: lol

Just to be clear, I've decided that, with posts from this particular group, I'm bolding moderators' names. Also, just to be clear, this was conversation captured in between several links to lucky boards and sales at various stores.

[17:52] Axxxxx Sxxxxxxxx giggles and leans over to [Ixx], "I think she's ignoring us"
[17:53] Ixxxxxx Txxxxxx: She is probably drooling over her latest one
[17:54] Pzzzzz Pxxxxxxxx: oh sorry, was texturing a rack to put them all on!
[17:54] Pzzzzz Pxxxxxxxx: ive got snails with teacups on their backs too
[17:55] Pzzzzz Pxxxxxxxx: ive got several with plants in them. and some with tea, this latest one has a cake covered in whipped cream

Yes. She collects teacups. Mostly from gachas. Everyone has a hobby. There was more chatter about teacups and gachas, and links were posted in between. But then...

[18:01] Jxxx Rxx: OCD is a condition, not a thing. I'm sorry but it is so often used as a ... ugh .. being meticulous is not at all having the very real condition of OCD.

Okay, I get that, and I frequently have this kneejerk reaction flash when certain topics are discussed. Including OCD. And she isn't entirely out of line, here, but considering what she said later, this is where it started.

[18:02] Pzzzzz Pxxxxxxxx: obsessive compulsive, very aware what it is =) when it drives you nuts that something is out of place, or you have to wash a million times. wasn't making light of it, sorry if it seemed that way
[18:02] Pxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: maybe expand the house do you can have a potter room and a who room
[18:03] Axxxxx Sxxxxxxxx: she can't expand the house [Pxxxxxx] cause that would eat into her gacha treasure prims
[18:03] Pxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: or would it be a whoville
[18:03] Pzzzzz Pxxxxxxxx: lol
[18:04] Jxxx Rxx: Not saying you aren't. You are just using OCD out of the realism of one with the disorder

Yeah, not exactly. She's using OCD according to her perception of OCD, which is likely from shows like Monk, and others. A lot of people are fixated on sufferers of OCD being only clean freaks and devoted to organization. Not all of us are like that; there are different manifestations of the illness.

Slight derail, but okay, we all accepted and went on with the previous discussion:

[18:04] Pzzzzz Pxxxxxxxx: what is the chinese piggy called
[18:04] Pxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: dinner
[18:04] Jxxx Rxx: a fortune cookie
[18:05] Pzzzzz Pxxxxxxxx: lol
[18:05] Jxxx Rxx: those things are just fat and nasty

...And there she goes again. So, all pigs are "fat and nasty", or just Chinese pigs, or...there's a lot of things that can be inferred from that statement.

But we tried to get back to chatting, and passing on links:

[18:05] Lxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Lucky Piggy is the oriental teacup pig
[18:05] Zxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: someone post some links pls

Oh, hello, a new voice has been added.

[18:06] Pzzzzz Pxxxxxxxx: nope dont have that one. cupid, steamy, original, pirate, potter, who, teachers pet, sinful, sundae and .. pork patrol
[18:06] mxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: you can post too [Zxxxxx]
[18:06] mxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: it's a collaborative group
[18:06] Zxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i dont wanna mess with this interesting gacha chat

Ooh, bitchy. That was actually helpful advice, you dolt.

[18:06] Bxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Oo
[18:07] Axxxxx Sxxxxxxxx: [Zxxxxx], if you don't want to post some MM's or something then don't complain about the conversations :)
[18:08] Ixxxxxx Txxxxxx: ssometimes things are slow and we chat silliness
[18:09] Bxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: actually i thought this chat was FOR finding and sharing links ..
[18:09] Zxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I thought so too [Bxxxx]...
[18:09] Axxxxx Sxxxxxxxx: [Bxxxx], it is also a chat group..
[18:10] mxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yes, you can also do search on your own for links [Bxxxx], i just typed "Shey" on search and guess what the first result was
[18:10] Pzzzzz Pxxxxxxxx: if y'all want a group where no one talks, might want to start your own with chat turned off and allow everyone to post notices =)
[18:10] Pxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: logs out and goes to bed before her grumpy gets out of control and she says bad things

Oh, I so understand. Both the urge to say bad things, and the urge to just detach and try not to get into trouble.

[18:10] mxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: some people just don't want to bother doing their own searches...
[18:10] Bxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: oO. duly noted
[18:10] Axxxxx Sxxxxxxxx: And actually, compared to most freebie groups, we're luck that we are allowed to post boards here
[18:10] Pxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i have not been sarcastic once tonight ali :)
[18:10] Jxxx Rxx: The group as far as I knew was for sharing the frees, MM's and lucky boards. Sometimes the chat just takes over
[18:11] Sxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx bangs head on desk and hits the X.... as the grumpiness is taking away the lighthearted mood
[18:11] Axxxxx Sxxxxxxxx: I know [Pxxxxxx], you're doing good, and I think I'm gonna follow [Sxx] and let someone else mod the group cause I'm DJ'ing and don't wanna deal with grumps
[18:11] Jxxx Rxx: Chat is sometimes to much. The group looses purpose.

You mean, "too much", and also "loses". Also, I realize that it's a legitimate complaint--this particular group is very chatty--but as noted, it's chat interspersed with links, gift offers, notes on sales, notes where to find things...It's a multiracial, multispecies chat of shoppers, who share what they find. So really, ANYTHING can show up as links--or in chat.

If that bothers you, Ms. R, find another group that's less talkative.

[18:12] Jxxx Rxx: Sad really
[18:12] Ixxxxxx Txxxxxx: I disagree
[18:12] mxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Sad?? that people socialize? O.O

Yeah, no doubt. That's an awfully judgmental thing to say. And I should know--I am a very judgmental person at times.

[18:12] Axxxxx Sxxxxxxxx: I suggest if you have an issue with the chat, Take it to [Axxxxx] :) that's all I'm gonna say..
[18:12] Zxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: o.O
[18:12] Ixxxxxx Txxxxxx: We never lose focus, we sometimes socialize
[18:12] Vxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: well it's like this... to post links, people have to FIND links, so if there are not enough for you, go sim searching and find more

Also a helpful tip.

[18:12] mxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: sad that someone is ONLY interested in things and not in people at all
[18:12] Jxxx Rxx: Oh [Axx], I'm sorry. I didn't ask
[18:13] Nxxx Zxxxxxxx: Seems like a lot more chat and a lot less TPs lately lol
[18:13] Pxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: some of us just have adhd and get distracted by shiny things and teacups
[18:13] Jxxx Rxx: Yes [Nxxx]. I agree

You would. [18:13] Axxxxx Sxxxxxxxx: and the ones who are complaining are the ones who rarely post it seems.. really says something.. Goodnight [Dxxxxxx], it's all yours darlin
[18:14] Jxxx Rxx: And that you would also be wrong about [Axx]
[18:14] [Ixxx Fxxxx]: LOL thank so much [Axx] :P
[18:14] Pzzzzz Pxxxxxxxx passes [Dxxxxxx] some tea and a condolance card
[18:14] Pzzzzz Pxxxxxxxx: but i want the cup back when youre done
[18:14] mxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: omg... do you even realize [Axx] is a mod Jynx? what is wroong with you??
[18:14] Jxxx Rxx: Moderators seriously should not comment on things they aren't all aware of since they themselves aren't on 24/7

Let me repeat that, because I think it's vaguely important: "Moderators seriously should not comment on things they aren't all aware of since they themselves aren't on 24/7."

If you separate that statement out, then she's saying moderators of groups, where they aren't moderating twenty-four hours a day, should never speak. Group moderators. Really? Really??

You're a prejudicial little puffin, Ms. R, and if we bother you that much with our occasional discussions about teacups and breast sizes, mesh bodies and gacha sales, then you should march your counterproductive, discriminatory little tush on down the road and find another group that works better for you. Because you're not contributing anything to this one but disdain and bile.

[18:15] Jxxx Rxx: Thank you [Jxx], does that answer YOUR question?

Yes. You're a spiteful person and you're insulting the mods of the group, which is never a good idea.

[18:16] Jxxx Rxx: I post a great deal as well as tp those who need it after logging in at the end of a post ... so .....
[18:18] [Ixxx Fxxxx]: [Jxxx], everyone has the right to be free and have an opinion, you have yours, [Axxxx] has hers and I have my own! Let's stop here please
[18:21] Jxxx Rxx: Who is [Axxxx]?

Seriously, now you're picking apart peoples' names?!? Gods, you're negative.

[18:21] Cxxxx Rxxxxxxx: personally I am on here mostly for the links, but at times the chat is very interesting. However, for those who are looking for good links, I took down a few over the past few days and I will post some of there here so folks who want to shop can shop while we chat :)
[18:22] Jxxx Rxx: Oh .. sorry ... lol, all us breathers :)
[18:22] Dxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Brains...
[18:22] Dxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Oh, ah, I mean... I'm alive :)
[18:23] [Ixxx Fxxxx]: Jynx, yeah sorry to sometimes I do a mystake or something :)
[18:24] Jxxx Rxx grins. "S'ok."
[18:24] Kxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [Jxxx], I get what you mean lol... I have it, diagnosed, and I get pretty offended sometimes, but I let it go.
[18:26] Jxxx Rxx: Ah, yeah. Past that [Sxxxx]. Thanks for support though. Not for me but those I love dearly.
[18:26] [Ixxx Fxxxx]: I asked if I could post here, I'm waiting the answer

I know you're joking, because you're also a mod, but dear gods, YOU CAN POST HERE.

[18:26] Zxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yes
[18:27] Pxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ok dorthy sure why not
[18:27] Pxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: but just this once ok ??

I thought you were supposed to be going to bed.

[18:28] Pzzzzz Pxxxxxxxx: hey, would y'all please tell me how many times an hour I'm allowed to talk without being called an attention whore? Cause evidently I am
[18:28] Pzzzzz Pxxxxxxxx: even though I havent chatted for like two weeks
[18:28] Jxxx Rxx: 10 times an hour

Yeah, I don't think you get a vote.

[18:29] Pxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i am not an attention whore i am just ummm nvm


[18:30] Pzzzzz Pxxxxxxxx: Ok, every six mins. setting my timer
[18:31] Jxxx Rxx: lol [Pxxxxx]
[18:31] Sxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Who's calling you nasty names [Pxxxxx]! Talk as much as you want! :-)
[18:34] Pxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i am always up for the hunt.. is just the kill that sometimes grosses me out a bit [18:34] Axxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: sorry [Pxxxxxx]

And we were off on posting about hunts and store boards again.

Some groups have options for 'quiet' versions and 'talkative' versions. Some don't. If it really crumples your brain to that extent, Ms. R, maybe you should take it up with the group owner and see if you've got enough support for a notices-only group. Otherwise, stop dripping poisonous irritants into our eyes. It's an annoyance.

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