Sunday, March 1, 2015

creep up and suddenly I found myself

Mornings do not make us moral. This is good to know.

Americans like to drink bad coffee? I'm not entirely sure their conclusion is correct. I do think that Americans--and busy people, worldwide, who feel stressed by the pressures of work and getting everything necessary done in one day--deeply value convenience. One can have convenience without reducing quality; one just has to pay more to get it. When the Keurig machines launched, they were very expensive--but very convenient.

[12:26] dxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: random IM stats normal, hi, then like a whole rant about how women are players worse then men and a demand for an explanation of what would be the roll of women in the future... that is a new level of weird. I don't even know this guy. was just shopping x.x
[12:27] gxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: how about the "men's right's" groups?
[12:28] Emilly Orr: So seriously, just 'hi' and then 'women all suck'? That's a man with issues.
[12:29] dxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yeah and at some point when I answered that I don't represent the whole of women kind and not their leader, he said I'm lost... lol huh?

No clue. Some people really have issues. Though she still doesn't know why this random moment happened.

Something to be aware of, in these latter days of gaming on SL: where do you live? This is now an important question, because yes, at least one confirmed person was banned whose typist lived in Florida, for attending a concert that was in a club on a gaming sim. By law, the Lab WILL track IPs to remain in compliance with the strictures.

This shouldn't apply to the internationals, but if you're in the US, and you live in one of these states:

MarylandSouth Carolina
South DakotaTennessee

KNOW WHERE YOU'RE PORTING BEFORE YOU GO. It could mean your account.

Finally, the Twisted Spring hunt has been delayed. If you've been having a problem finding the cube, it may not only be that it's semi-transparent--it may be that it's just plain not there. Due to a variety of issues, the Spring hunt is starting on March 5th.

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