Monday, September 22, 2014

drops of pain hit the ground

Neverwinter currently being under attack, most of the time I'm on the battlefield. Today's chatter was on...well, it started on dragons...

[Zone] Lolthissia Virmilion@kinkizzle: dragon plox

For those who don't know, she means "please".

[Zone] Freedom@cherriesman: the dragon is dead

[Zone] LeeBee@o0l0oo0l0o: i got 1 hit on the dragon
[Zone] Lolthissia Virmilion@kinkizzle: oh noes ;n;
[Zone] Malie@drevanias: dragon in 48
[Zone] Lolthissia Virmilion@kinkizzle: ty malie

Instance #48, Malie means.

[Zone] Darkness@rathlian: dragon at #36
[Zone] Pandemic Apocalypse@greypandemic: #56 dragon just popped with 19 minutes left
[Zone] Valareos Draconrouge@Valareos: I hate that teargetting bug

Valareos means "targeting". What he's saying is that the hit box on the dragon enemies is variable, and annoying. While any player can hit a dragon with AoE attacks--"area of effect", those spells/abilities that send damage into a specific area, not simply to one or more individual targets--to hit a dragon specifically, the best way seems to be to generally aim between the shoulder blades, where there is no dragon to be found. The only other way to hit the dragon, to date, is to log out of the instance and log back in. Which takes time and is even more annoying.

[Zone] Sune@constancenoring: halectrizar just hit me for 27k damage, ouch...

Ooh, I haven't seen Halectrizar yet. So you will know, this is Halectrizar:

I'll try to pull these over to an image host in a day or so, but for right now, this and Glaxenheim the Pale below come from the Forgotten Realms wiki page.

[Zone] Dakota Tarin@baocat: nothing like being reminded... it's a dragon.

So true.

[Zone] Sune@constancenoring: #54 up
[Zone] Jim@jimnarious: dragon #73
[Zone] Whisp@puff2009: having fun?
[Zone] Brixton@Brixton-Blitzhacker: I am purinas new Dragon Chow

To be fair, all the dragons on the battlefield are Greater Dragons. They are big, they are bad, they cover easily HALF of the center battlefield bowl...and they eat us like chips, so yeah.

[Zone] Otto@throsbi: your not the only one lolo
[Zone] Dakota Tarin@baocat: New formula! 10% more dwarf!
[Zone] Signar Shadowdagger@zanthesninja: its a good thing drow are not tasty
[Zone] Signar Shadowdagger@zanthesninja: we are kinda burnt

I don't know about burnt. Drow are something...maybe they're more like exotically spiced?

(The above image comes from GameGeex, but is an official promo image from Neverwinter itself.)

[Zone] Kel@thejondude: dwarves are the potatos of the dragon food chain, earthy and goes with everything
[Zone] Dakota Tarin@baocat: and bitter. takes a lot of sugar to off set em. or fey, in dragon chow.
[Zone] needy@deathrise2: lol good one
[Zone] Dash@deadphoenix3: idk, I like my elves well done. *wonk*

Well done, indeed.

(All other images are mine, with three of my in-game characters.)

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