Sunday, September 14, 2014

set straight our frantic path

So, it started with a player seeking a guild...

[Zone] Nidhegg@sevothtarte89: looking for a pvp guild cuz... ya know, pvp... and all that jazz
[Zone] Rango@addison2013: grace
[Zone] Rango@addison2013: hardcore
[Zone] Rango@addison2013: 1 more ?
[Zone] Grace@adventuressgamer: ok

Basic interchange in Zone chat: player one seeking guild, player two responding to earlier posting on an upcoming dungeon run, player three agreeing to send player two an invite for the run. Simple. Basic. Right?


[Zone] Nidhegg@sevothtarte89: lf pvp guild pliz
[Zone] Mustang Sally@cunnyfunt101: Hardcore PvP guilds wont touch you till you're at least 16k

Generally true, but I really don't like Mustang Sally's user name. It's just on that edge for being a reportable offense for me. Still debating whether I will, in fact, report it as against ToS.

[Zone] Nidhegg@sevothtarte89: i never said a hardcore guild
[Zone] Nidhegg@sevothtarte89: i just said pvp

Right. It was Rango that mentioned hardcore anything. And speaking of Rango...

[Zone] Rango@addison2013: -Sanctuary- Is the Best Guild with the most knowledge on Neverwinter Look them up if you speak english !
[Zone] Rango@addison2013: -Sanctuary- Is the Best Guild with the most knowledge on Neverwinter Look them up if you speak english !
[Zone] Rango@addison2013: -Sanctuary- Is the Best Guild with the most knowledge on Neverwinter Look them up if you speak english !

Yes, back to back, three exact same advertisements for a new guild.

[Zone] Nemain Morrigain@Reiyichi: welcome to my ignore list Rango
[Zone] Come Hither@kyafox: oh geez.
[Zone] paradox@maestroeternal: yet apparently they don't know enough not to spam
[Zone] Grace@adventuressgamer: bitcches gonna bitcch
[Zone] Cael@raphaziel: grace bytch
[Zone] Xaphomet@redeyedjedi5990: you can turn the filter off instead of typing like a fucking moron

And while that's also true, wau, this escalated quickly.

[Zone] Cael@raphaziel: doing bytchings
[Zone] Faps To Ponies@passionbreeze: bittches gonna bittch about bittches bittchin
[Zone] Cael@raphaziel: no xapho
[Zone] Cael@raphaziel: its cool type like a deficient
[Zone] Bulk@kebabnchips: u %$&^ $&%^

And keep in mind, you wouldn't see the curse words transcribed as actual words, so Bulk must have literally typed symbols over actual words for that. Why?

[Zone] Mar Leaf@marleaf1: good to see i didn't miss anything interesting while i've been gone
[Zone] Jaiklin Kraum@slandermalice: nope same troll assholes on here
[Zone] Pepo-kun@pepinopulus: HOLAAAAAAAAA
[Zone] JBebo@jbnle: EPIC LOL

Yeah, it never really seems to change.

[Zone] Lariziah xxx@oshoona: Little Bitches should be Skinned and hung up at corner Square and then skinned again

...Wait, WHAT??

Dude, that's just uncalled for.

[Zone] Lariziah xxx@oshoona: with a spoon


[Zone] Kalkin@x3lkalkin: nice desensatization there

Yeah, really.

[Zone] Kalkin@x3lkalkin: good luck with that
[Zone] Lariziah xxx@oshoona: Luck?
[Zone] Naurim@arkanarge: wow
[Zone] Lariziah xxx@oshoona: lol
[Zone] Lariziah xxx@oshoona: i have just begun

Oh gods, why? Just stop.

[Zone] Lariziah xxx@oshoona: look i was going to take easy on you but you had to get all fuking Heroic

I don't understand this. Saying "good luck with that" after Lariziah's extremely offensive retort was "Heroic"?? HOW??

[Zone] Lariziah xxx@oshoona: you know what Happens to Heroes?

Well, that depends. In books, they either triumph or die horribly. In Neverwinter, heroes ride out, die, come back, ride out again. Or are you referring to something else, Lariziah?

[Zone] Nepenthe@almightybizzo: oh god fear Lariziah xxx :P
[Zone] Nepenthe@almightybizzo: he's not going to go easy on you any more
[Zone] Nepenthe@almightybizzo: right?
[Zone] Lariziah xxx@oshoona: ill show Badd ass Mother fukers
[Zone] Nepenthe@almightybizzo: oh yeah? bring it
[Zone] Nepenthe@almightybizzo: lol 10K gs Lariziah xxx...i'd eat you for breakfast nomnomnom
[Zone] Lariziah xxx@oshoona: lol

I b'lieve I mentioned this before, but just to briefly touch on it again, "gs" stands for "gear score", which is the total "rating" of your armor, protective clothing, enhancements, and weaponry. On my main level-60 character, I have a touch over 16K as a gear score, and that's considered low. 10K gear score won't even allow you to set foot in Valindra's first dungeon.

[Zone] Naurim@arkanarge: cuz when are u gunna be close enough to use a lantern on a bad guy
[Zone] Naurim@arkanarge: they have to be in ur range
[Zone] Praxus@Perilaxe: mondays

For the international set, yes.

[Zone] Lariziah xxx@oshoona: i"m in the mood

Oh, give it a break. The bluster isn't impressing anyone.

[Zone] Lariziah xxx@oshoona: cutt your Head off and Gutt your momma and stick you back in


[Zone] Lariziah xxx@oshoona: so bring it

Thankfully, no one took him up on his baseless offer, and conversation moved on to other things, but this was just vile. I can't even say Lariziah sounds that angry; he sounds reasonably calm, all things considered...but considering he's talking about skinning women and raping players' parents with severed heads, the fact that he sounds calm is seriously unnerving.

Basically, he's a nitwit, but the level of threat, from nothing to skinning people, was shocking. At least to me.

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