Wednesday, May 28, 2014

and your eyes are the size of the moon

[Zone] GhOsT RiDeR@wtopaforever: %)** you leader party scorrect this is scorrect game farm event

As usual, I wandered into controversy in Zone chat...

[Zone] Eyeliah@decapticus: guys terrorists have my familly and want astral diamonds :(
[Zone] Maevrick Wytchbane@maverickactual: was that supposed to be english Ghost?
[Zone] Morrigan@mahonswinter: learn english then come back

Rather abrupt, but perhaps they'd been dealing with this longer than I had.

[Zone] MrTolis@hfaistos123: ffj english and morrigan
[Zone] MrTolis@hfaistos123: fk english and morrigan
[Zone] Morrigan@mahonswinter: I don't want to why should I have to partake in intercourse

...Wait, what?

[Zone] GhOsT RiDeR@wtopaforever: %)* you scorrect player
[Zone] Saftbauer@juicefarmer: hahha, anyone else notice that they used water sound effect for the fires everywhere

They did?

[Zone] Morrigan@mahonswinter: is scorrect your tick ghostrider?
[Zone] Gravitas@gravita5: Education?
[Zone] Noztr@Bigstoo666: yep water fire
[Zone] Sharau@filledejoueur: education is a wonderful thing lol
[Zone] Saftbauer@juicefarmer: srsly, all the fires have water sound effect
[Zone] Morrigan@mahonswinter: not enough funding
[Zone] GhOsT RiDeR@wtopaforever: ban forever for you welcome my list stupid players

I'm assuming he means his block list. Unless he means he's writing everyone's handle down in his black book, or something, that's likely what it is.

[Zone] Morrigan@mahonswinter: holy ()^% what did he even say I think he said he was going to bomb the white house


The hell, Morrigan?!?

[Zone] Gravitas@gravita5: ?
[Zone] Crumb@docjake: sounds like @@$^)!^ on tin foil to me
[Zone] Gravitas@gravita5: ??
[Zone] Saftbauer@juicefarmer: someone is gonna get fired... teehee

Yeah. No one got that.

[Zone] Sharau@filledejoueur: and now the rest of our chat shall be monitored lol
[Zone] GhOsT RiDeR@wtopaforever: (!$&* all scorrect players *(#$ xd
[Zone] TrickTrack@eucatastrofe: (!$&*(@@ on a tin foil? got to try that lol
[Zone] Morrigan@mahonswinter: you watched a bad movie ghost get over it
[Zone] Gravitas@gravita5: White House? &#^(&? Monitored? What?
[Zone] Morrigan@mahonswinter: you are making me need to go potty dang it stop!

I...don't understand Morrigan at all.

[Zone] Lone Stranger@mac270: It's not, it's the sound of rain flowing over a blocked gutter, what the hell is the world coming to, it's 2008 #*&@!)$*^#!
[Zone] Saftbauer@juicefarmer: listen to the fires!!! & they sound like tiny little waterfalls!!!
[Zone] Morrigan@mahonswinter: googuru


[Zone] Shorty@barbrawlah: google it

Uh...okay. This was the only thing that came up, which...makes zero sense.

[Zone] Harken Stone'Fist@seigharth: when's the best chance to attack an invisible rogue
[Zone] Priestess Tuarein@LordGiger69: block everything
[Zone] Saftbauer@juicefarmer: stand in the foyer of the trade of blades, sounds like an old sink or something

Are these three statements connected??

[Zone] Tyken@accorbation: Get a Lantern for invis

You mean, the Artifact Lantern? But...that only makes people behind walls visible. They'd be visible if they weren't behind a wall or in another chamber.

[Zone] Eyeliah@decapticus: you guys dont have hearts
[Zone] Sora of -BLANK-@kurenaiizuchi: stop tyring to twink
[Zone] OneDay@MURDERaSTAR: can i equip my boots on my head that will work right
[Zone] OneDay@MURDERaSTAR: an gloves on the feet If it says boots, it only fits on the feet. If it says amulet, it only goes around the neck.

[Zone] Paladin@bonecrkr1: Where can I buy an XXXXXL codpiece
[Zone] Gravitas@gravita5: The liars club!
[Zone] Theren Loyalar@usethehilt: You mean xxxxxxxxxs?
[Zone] Sharau@filledejoueur: LOL @Gravitas
[Zone] Sappho@Huddicles: Fantasy Vendor. or Delusion Mart
[Zone] Morrigan@mahonswinter: what is a codpiece?

Ack, conversational whiplash, in two different directions.

[Zone] Paladin@bonecrkr1: Bend over and I'll show you
[Zone] Morrigan@mahonswinter: something you equip on a fish?
[Zone] GhOsT RiDeR@wtopaforever: Morrigan@mahonswinter - ignored ....

I thought you ignored her earlier, "GhOsT RiDeR"...and, having taken the time to type that out, you have to be 13 or something. No one else types like that.

[Zone] Morrigan@mahonswinter: what a child you stopped typing all that time to figure out HOW to do it lol
[Zone] Sharau@filledejoueur: do it and shut up about it then, ghost rider
[Zone] Sappho@Huddicles: you ignored someone? so (&^#|@! what?
[Zone] BattleConnoisseur@th3dank3st: i ignored your mom last night
[Zone] Gravitas@gravita5: There he is! I see you GhOsT!
[Zone] Morrigan@mahonswinter: jump on him!
[Zone] Morrigan@mahonswinter: *boing boing*
[Zone] GhOsT RiDeR@wtopaforever: scorrect players ignored report for ban ....

Much random. Wau. Very confuse.

[Zone] Gravitas@gravita5: What is a scorrect player?

Got me.

And then I left, so thankfully, the torture was over.

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