Sunday, May 22, 2011

ten miles from town and I just broke down

Normally this isn't an RL fashion blog, but...some of these BEGGED to be linked.

So have some carbonated couture, Doritos ruffles, bloodspattered pasta, Lady Gaga, teacup heels, shoe spikes, idea, really. Enjoy.

From the Malfean Visions store group:
Someone broke things again, and a majority of sims are going batshit; whether Gwen is soon to catch the plague I haven't noticed yet but will be delaying the new releases until the all clear.

Watch or wait on transactions, rezzing/building, and no copy items, the usual stuff.
And I had yet to go on the grid for Solace work. I sighed, and hit up my usual sources: the Second Life status blog, and Twitter. There was nothing specifically on Twitter in the last hour (I got the usual, "older Tweets are unavailable" line when trying past that), but the status blog had this:
[RESOLVED May 22nd 11:35 AM PDT] The asset server issue has been resolved. In-world activities can now be conducted normally.

[Posted May 22nd 10:44 AM PDT] We’re currently experiencing some asset server issues. You may notice inworld issues such as failure to rez, and objects failing to return to inventory. Please refrain from rezzing no-copy objects or making important transactions until we post an all-clear.
Hmm. So it was supposed to be fixed two hours before Lokii sent out the message to her group? And it's half past four now, which could likely still be broken.


Okay, giving it another hour before I go in. Just to be on the safe side.

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