Sunday, December 21, 2008

standing on the edge of a drowning blue

Treachery, thy name is Linden.

So that's it, is it? Take away Caledon's sailing sims, in one fell swoop, but--don't worry! They've got us covered! Now there's sailing available off the mainland!

You remember the mainland, don't you? The happy fun place we all left in DROVES?!?

I'm likely wrong in this, I know, but it feels like base perfidy, it feels like them taking away something we already had with one hand, and giving us something glossier, more plasticene, less useful with the other--because really, truly, the Blake Sea? It won't be ironclads and tall ships, pirate sloops and brigantines...oh, no. It'll be drunken idiots on waterskis. Just wait.

Aminom Marvin makes an excellent point, too, on the redefinition of 'success' in SL that the creation of the Blake Sea shows. And this post by Feline Slade goes, just a little bit, into what Desmond Shang was hinting at, with all the oblique questions about Caledon attaching to the mainland, and if it were something we'd likely want to do. And the Your 2nd Place blog cuts right to the point: "For Jack to say this isn't favouritism is absolute balderdash."

In happier news, this may well be the cutest thing EVER. (Barring maybe Clockwerk dancing on someone's head.)

Moving on. I nearly feel as if I should apologize for getting the days wrong--honestly, I thought, I really thought, yesterday was the 21st--to everyone who attended Mr. Drinkwater's Yule fire celebration last night.

I'm not going to apologize, though, because I had so much fun--and honestly, where's the harm? So, tonight is the Longest Night. That's fine--last night was the Nearly Longest Night, then!

I might have to make it a tradition.

The night didn't start out alarmingly well:


I have this habit, when I'm rushed or running late? So I hied off to the Highlands, and--as I am wont to do in these moments--stepped off the telehub and made for the cluster of green dots I saw on the mini-map.

I forgot about my Sekrit Mutant Powah of getting stuck in builds. Halfway to my goal, a building rezzed in around me, I twisted, fell down a level--and there I was, stuck in stone, unable to move.

On the plus side, once I got to Book End, it was mass fun from start to finish. We even had an appearance from Santa:


Here's Santa--with his eight tiny reinfurs--flying in overhead.


And this is close to touch-down, and for a while, half the crowd, it seemed, had horns! It was a heartwarming, joyous, magnificent celebration.

And if I wished everyone safe journeys home, and to keep the flame alight, through the darkest night...well, consider it a test run.

For now. This night. This longest night, the point of deepest winter, the touchstone of darkness--in the sense of lightlessness, not evil. Here we stand, breathless and waiting, guarding the fire of life to see us through. We spend tonight sleepless, keeping each other awake, with laughter and song, fabulist contrivances, mead and merrymaking, good food and good friends.

Tonight, we tell stories of the past, and look towards the future. Tonight we light the candles, light the torches, light the hearthfires and the Yule logs. Tonight we burn--to ensure there is life tomorrow to keep burning.

Yulefires blaze, and candles glow, deep midwinter is upon us! Past this point and the sun's return, the light will lengthen, the days grow longer, until the height of summer comes and Beltane's sweet burning (of a different sort) is reached. But tonight, all is cold and dark, still and winter-frozen, and it is up to us to remember light and life, and carry those memories with us until the sun returns at dawn.

Yule, friends, and the longest night. Make merry! Make light! And remember!


Rhianon Jameson said...

"It'll be drunken idiots on waterskis." - Naked, to boot.

Another problem is litter. You want to sail/aviate/whatever, you need to rez your vessel. But that means every idiot on the grid thinks the world is his sandbox. I've seen much more litter in Caledon in the past few weeks than I have in the prior six months combined. Plywood shapes. Boxes of clothes (often freebies) left rezzed on the ground. Vehicles.

Some of that is okay. I had to learn how things worked, and I'm sure I left some litter inadvertently. Not much, I hope. But the problem may be small when it takes a conscious effort to TP to Caledon, and large when some fraction of noobs show up at Oxbridge, and even larger if Caledon is reachable from the Mainland.

Concha said...

Merry Christmas!

Emilly Orr said...

It's true. Yes, every new avatar has a learning curve, and learning not to abandon prim litter is a bit one--but in this case, it's a sheer mathematics of numbers--three to ten folks coming through one sim of Caledon of a day, that's one thing--but thirty to one hundred, if we were joined with the mainland? And multiply that over Caledon as a whole?

Jetskis seem a trivial concern, yes.

Emilly Orr said...

Concha: you just made the blog list, if you don't mind. I am pagan, but I am very taken with your writing style, and I'm already getting strong indications that this is what I need to read more of, as the year turns. We are in a place now with the merest sketch of an ancestor altar, a severe lack of grounding moments, and we need to get back into honoring our gods, honoring our ancestors, and the universe at large.

Blessings to you as well!