Wednesday, January 10, 2018

this relentless drone bombs a quiet street

A couple updates on Master Kaos and Cherub Spectre's apartment fire hit group notices.

The first one:
Hi everyone. I would just like to let you know that there is now a Go Fund Me page to raise money for MK and Cherub. They have lost everything in this fire, if you can afford to give anything at all please do. Every little bit counts. Here is the link, and please, if you can, share this link on your FB page:
The second one:
Hi All,

I forgot to mention in the earlier post that everyone is okay. MK heard a popping noise before the fire got into the apartment so they were all able to get out okay. Here is a picture of their apartment today. Thanks again for anyone willing to donate to their paypal
And she included a pic of their apartment, post-burn:

Give what you can, this one's really bad.

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