Friday, July 15, 2016

where there is desire there is gonna be a flame

Ah, Hair Fair, how I love and hate you...

So the demo packs are pretty much coming in no sort of order, so I'm just unpacking as I go. This run: Tableau Vivant, adoness, [bade], Rowne Salon, little bones, and [NANI].

So this is Carrie from Tableau Vivant:

It's...I've never been fond of top-knot styles, but for one, it's not bad.

This is Charlotte, a two-part braided style, shown in blonde:

This does seem a little odd with the sloping up towards the back.

And this is Miranda, shown in black and blue from the Color Fades hud:

Windy day hair? You're covered. Short, spunky, fun hair? Also covered.

Next up, adoness, with Astrild. Strangely, the color on the hair is deep red, but the colors for the shaved hairbases included were only black, brown and white. (Though they do say the hairbases are tintable?)

Cleto came in brown:

And Iphito in blonde:

Is this going to be the year of the fauxhawk?

[bade] is a male hair salon, natch, but I'm trying 'em anyway. And the first one would go well for unisex: this is Clint in the bright ginger carrot tone:

Reminds me a bit of Helena Stringer's designs, but simpler.

Jamie's also pretty good as a unisex. I'm showing it in a deep cherry with some shine:

I like how glossy the hair texture is.

Ronald also works as a short, choppy unisex style. I decided to show it off in silver-grey with roots:

In fact, Samuel is the only one that really doesn't work as well for girls, too:

Then Rowne Salon with their three styles. This is Leila, in a shade from the Light Brunettes hud:

There's a little gapping on the scalp with the demo; again, I'm hoping it was just the lack of an included alpha layer.

This is Skylar in a shade from the Dark Brunettes hud:

And this is Yasmine, dyed from the Reds hud:

Then we have little bones, who sent along a video preview which is stunning in two separate ways: first, how far we've come in terms of representing models and runway shows in Second Life, which is pretty amazing, and second--these are professional models, I'd assume, and none of them have an ankle lock so that their feet don't look broken?!?

Anyway, my only problem with the video, really, was they didn't identify the hair shown. Rats.

So here's Babe, tinted from the Chromatic color hud:

And Babylon, tinted from the Dip Dyes and Fades hud (apparently the bright pink section is their version of a demo):

This is Pose, dyed with the Melange hud, and I learned something when trying it on:

Note eye pastie. Part of the occlusion box, or the in-built alpha layer, or something, blocks out part of the mesh dress. This is VERY BAD, little bones, VERY VERY BAD. Emi not like. Emi not want. Emi--as well as any other female--cannot wear on G sims, which Emi does visit shopping from time to time!

And finally Zelda, which you get two pictures of:

because the first picture looks normal, save for some scalp showing, because little bones doesn't believe in including alpha layers...but THEN:

THIS HAPPENS. The same damn alpha occlusion hiding part of the dress! Please, little bones, for the love of all gods, FIX YER DAMN HAIR. This is ridiculous.

And I can't remember what dye set I used on Zelda. But the bobby pins come in five different shades, so...that's kind of cool, at least?

Last, [NANI], with Nini in blonde:

And Sophie in bright lavender:

Lita is not shown, because I can't find where the picture went. Not off to the best start this year.

(The usual end rundown: I'm in my Maitreya Lara mesh body, with Noellia skin [cleavage/red brows] from 7 Deadly Skins, lips from the Holiday Gloss pack from SN@TCH, eyes from Inkheart, they're Janus in Heaven, and the dress--when it shows up--was from Soulglitter. I think it may have been a group gift.

(My Windlight settings are Canimod.)

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