Sunday, January 10, 2016

heed my warning and steer well clear

Today's troubles actually started earlier in the week, when there were two very early mornings of "unplanned maintenance". But today, it's apparently been worse:
[13:37] xxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i just relogged and nothing
[13:38] xxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: grrr
[13:38] Vxxxxxxx Vxxxxxxx: Yeah, the asset server has been munged all day.
[13:38] jxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yep, and they just posted that they completed the unscheduled maintenance - riiiggght
[13:39] Axxxxx Rxxxxxxx: From another group: [13:36] [cxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx]: I just contacted live chat support and they basically told me they had sent the all clear message too soon and the case has not been solved - they're going to update the status blog
[13:39] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: is it working any better now? I just logged back on and I'm hoping it's all better by now.
[13:39] mxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: iam fixed tho
[13:39] Vxxxxxxx Vxxxxxxx: Eeenope.
[13:39] jxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: not really
[13:39] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: awe pewp
[13:39] jxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: my face is grey, mesh body won't attach....
[13:39] mxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: and i can wear and unwear anything from my inventory
[13:39] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: so same old pewp then lol
[13:39] Dxxxx Vxxxxxxxxx: i will say things are "better"
[13:40] jxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: it's worse for me than it was a few minutes
[13:40] jxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: oh well...all things
[13:40] xxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: grrr
[13:41] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I must say, I make a lovely gray Faun hehe
[13:41] jxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: so something got major borked....that's for sure.
[13:41] Vxxxxxxx Vxxxxxxx: At least my clothes and body parts loaded properly.
[13:41] jxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: grins
[13:41] Axxxxx Axxxxx: well I can rez and delete things again but my missing inv did not come back
[13:41] jxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: so why did they say it was "completed"????
[13:41] Vxxxxxxx Vxxxxxxx: Ack, missing inventory is bad.
[13:42] jxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [RESOLVED 1:15 PM PST, 10 January 2016] The unscheduled Maintenance has been completed.
[13:42] Vxxxxxxx Vxxxxxxx: Nope.
[13:42] jxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: :P
[13:42] jxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: well they are still working on it hopefully....
[13:42] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lies
[13:43] jxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: or maybe just wishful
[13:43] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yeah could be that too
And fron another group:
[13:35] Jxxxxxx Rxxx: well its completed but i look worse
[13:35] Axxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Yes, but my inv hasn't read the news yet.
[13:35] Vxxxxx Cxxxxxxxxxx: Likely
[13:35] Txxxx Jxxxxx: don't you believe it.
[13:35] Axxxxx Sxxxxxxxx: I'm not having issues with this chat, but with others, yeah >_<
[13:35] Vxxxxx Cxxxxxxxxxx: Now for the regularly programed if it works... break it.
[13:36] axxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: is anyone out there still having issues?
[13:36] Sxxxxx Fxxxxxxx: Me.
[13:36] mxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: we all are
[13:36] Jxxxxxx Rxxx: yes [mxxx]... me
[13:37] sxxxxx Axx: me
[13:37] nxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Axxx: me to
[13:37] axxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: oh ok
[13:37] axxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ty
[13:37] mxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yes
[13:37] Lxxxxxxxxx Sxxxxxx: things went ok for about 15 minutes and then boom....issues again
[13:37] wxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lol
[13:37] wxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: getting there .. I am scared to log
[13:37] Sxxxxx Fxxxxxxx: Trying to unpack something and getting error message "Cannot create requested inventory"
[13:37] wxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: see lol
[13:38] nxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Axxx: i came in naked -.-
[13:38] wxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: omg..and I fought all night with new mesh body .it aint ME ...phew
[13:38] lxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Yes still issues... and a women in another group said she called LL and they said they posted that 'resolved' notice too soon and will be reposting. So I'm just relaying the message...don't shoot the messenger. :D
[13:38] Axxxxx Vxxxxxxxx: yes, this isn't resolved so do not rezz stuff
[13:38] Jxxxxxx Rxxx: can we see?? [txxxx]
[13:38] Axxxxx Vxxxxxxxx: but chat is working better now for me
[13:39] wxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: no rezzing, purchase moving ..just hold...... grrrr
[13:39] axxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: my body is back but my face still grey
[13:39] nxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Axxx: hahahaha i am to embarrased Jo :(
[13:39] wxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [Mxxx]...edit shape..just will rezz right in
[13:39] Jxxxxxx Rxxx: awwww its alright .... im all grey ... LOL
[13:39] zxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yep for me too
[13:39] axxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lol
[13:39] wxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: just click ..worked for me
[13:39] sxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I haven't relogged. Thinking that might be required? still getting inventory errors.
[13:39] Jxxxxxx Rxxx: i missed ruth
[13:39] wxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: SL ppl said too
[13:39] rxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: just stay quiet, dont move, dont rez anything, be happy with just having logged in :)
[13:40] wxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: hi5 [Rxxxx]
[13:40] Vxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: in some site, they say that they will send a new advice in a few... "problems not solved..."
[13:40] Jxxxxxx Rxxx: actually i look like ruth....
[13:40] lxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [Rxxxx].... lol Yea! What you said! And barely breathe too!
[13:40] lxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: :D
[13:40] Vxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: so i log off and I fly to bed
[13:40] rxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lol [lxxxx]
[13:40] Axxxxx Sxxxxxxxx: you can chat, you can still slap boards, be happy LL is saving your lindens for tomorrow
[13:40] wxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: nini
[13:40] lxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: :d
[13:41] wxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yes [Axx]...
[13:41] Jxxxxxx Rxxx: slap boards without clothes???
[13:41] lxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ni nite!
[13:41] lxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yea go for it Jo! Run free!
[13:41] lxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lol
[13:41] Kxxxxxx Nxxxxxx: lol
[13:41] ixxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lol
[13:41] wxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: cant slap boards..moving is rough
[13:41] Kxxxxxx Nxxxxxx: or full body alpha it :)
[13:41] wxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: and they called her the STREAK
[13:41] sxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: everyone's a big orange cloud anyway! We probably won't see your private bits!
[13:41] wxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: OOPS hit me
[13:41] lxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: is it? I haven't moved at all... still fetching my inventory. lol
[13:41] rxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i am in protected land, i recovered my shape, skin and all things i usually wear. plus i dressed :)
[13:41] Jxxxxxx Rxxx: LOL
[13:42] cxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yay they have fixed it :D im all back to normals i just logged back in
[13:42] lxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: hahaha... yea they won't notice if you shaved or not either!
[13:42] Jxxxxxx Rxxx: is it laggy over there?? renan
[13:42] lxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: :D
[13:42] wxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i was ok ..i made sure when i went to bed i was home and dressed in case
[13:42] Axxxxx Sxxxxxxxx: it's not fixed [Cxxxx] lol
[13:42] cxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: RESOLVED 1:15 PM PST, 10 January 2016] The unscheduled Maintenance has been completed.
[13:42] Jxxxxxx Rxxx: only if the physic layer still works
[13:42] rxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: not at all
[13:42] rxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: search for SARA
[13:42] rxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: and go
[13:43] Jxxxxxx Rxxx: im still grey
[13:43] Jxxxxxx Rxxx: ok
[13:43] rxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: in places i mean, it is only water
[13:43] lxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [Cxxxx]... they said they shouldn't have posted that and will be posting again but things aren't resolved. :( But it's ok. Run around naked and be free!
[13:43] cxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ive logged back in and everyone is unclouded , and i has my hair and feets back lol
[13:43] lxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: oh yay! well maybe you got lucky :)
[13:44] wxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: oh .... inhales...gonna try it..
Yep. Things are dicey out there, folks. Be careful.

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