Wednesday, January 6, 2016

and I'll burn my mind on this nothing

And this is how we heard:
[17:07] Cayenne Republic: store is gone
[17:07] Cayenne Republic: clubhaus is gone, find a sandbox
[17:07] Veruca Monday: :-(
[17:07] Lulubelle Muircastle: MOCK is gone?
[17:07] Emilly Orr: Oh, no.
[17:07] Emilly Orr checks the marketplace
[17:07] ĐJ Ɓrєє Rαуηє (breezimarie): :((
[17:07] Ξ Ѡ λ η η λ Ξ (wannabeekiwi.bluebird): ohh nooo
[17:07] ĐJ Ɓrєє Rαуηє (breezimarie): that's so not like her to not message. I hope she's ok.
[17:08] Ruina Kessel: :(
[17:08] Ξ Ѡ λ η η λ Ξ (wannabeekiwi.bluebird): :(
[17:08] Emilly Orr: Yes, still there, on the marketplace
[17:08] Emilly Orr: I hope she's okay too
[17:08] Cayenne Republic: she's fine
[17:08] Cayenne Republic: she's just busy with RL
[17:09] ĐJ Ɓrєє Rαуηє (breezimarie): I used to have her youtube link, but I can't find it now. Maybe someone can message her there?
[17:09] Ruina Kessel: Are you in contact Cayenne?
[17:09] ĐJ Ɓrєє Rαуηє (breezimarie): oh ok, that's great to hear!!
[17:09] Cayenne Republic:
[17:09] Cayenne Republic:
[17:09] Ruina Kessel: ty!
[17:09] Cayenne Republic: yw :)
[17:09] ĐJ Ɓrєє Rαуηє (breezimarie): thanks for that Cayenne, just hit Like :)
[17:10] Emilly Orr: So, she's not coming back as an SL store?
[17:12] Cayenne Republic: I'd say no, since she's removed the shop from her FB page and there's no mention of second life; and the shop is gone and the space for rent ... but you can surely send her a FB message and ask lol
[17:13] Emilly Orr: Not on FB, I'll leave that to those who are, but I do wish her well.
Now, I'm still able to find her in search, so she hasn't completely deleted her avatar, but...I'm thinking, at least for now, she's done with SL. I've deleted my longstanding pick for [MOCK] Cosmetics, because it leads to land for rent now, but...I'm not sure what to do with the group. I like the people, there's some genuine good and caring hearts in there, but...if Mock's not coming back, what's the point of the group without her?

And for this one, I left the names in, because....well, just because. Still kind of tilted over the fact that Mock didn't even leave us a message before killing her store. I don't...I don't understand that.

[Update from the Editrix, 7 Jan: this notice was sent out whilst I was away from the keys.
Hello! Just an FYI that the main store is currently under re-construction. We will be working over the next few days to get everything back in place.

Thank you all for your support and Happy New Year!
Did she just...expect no one would notice the store being missing and the sim up for sale? But okay, seems like she's moving to a new sim, and she'll let us know when things are back up? So...yay?]


Anonymous said...

Has Mockie passed?

Emilly Orr said...

I can't believe I missed this, I didn't even post a follow-up, which I should do. No, Mock is not dead. She's still very ill, but she's alive. The problem seemed to be the man she put in charge of her estate and shop while she was in hospital was...let's just say unreliable. And he didn't pay rent. So the land and the store reverted to the Lindens.