Saturday, May 9, 2015

why don't they stay young?

So this absolutely pisses me off to no end. Let me give you a rundown of the "features" so you can fully appreciate why this is making me irate:

★ Touch menu
★ Realtime latex effect
★ Advanced lighting model
★ Adjustable transparency
★ Color Change

Let that sink in. "Adjustable transparency". Because of course, see-through latex is so necessary for the preteen camp.

Don't you agree?

The "full outfit"--again, I am emphasizing, designed for an average nine-year-old's shape--comes with these items:

★ For SMB Mesh Body only!
★ SMB Belly Top
★ Rigged Mesh
★ SMB High Skirt
★ Works with SMB Mesh Body
★ For default kidsize avies too
★ Belt can be worn/colored seperately
★ Includes mod/copy underwear
★ Two buttsize versions (9/18)

Okay, fine, it's a mesh outfit designed for a mesh body. Great. Why is this such a big deal?

Again, because it's designed for this child-size replacement mesh body:

I have no words. If you don't immediately grasp the problem, then hells, you might be their target market. Go have fun.

All I can come up with is...that this:

(from MJ Trends, All Rights Reserved)

will never, EVER go with this:

(Royalty-free image)

What's the SL restriction on ageplay again?

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