Thursday, March 6, 2014

chasing tail and committing hate crimes

The Tymora's Gift event is ongoing in Neverwinter, and, because I wasn't around for the first iteration of it last year, I wanted to see what kind of drops the gifts had. I logged in to see this:
[Zone] Serenity@jwbluelabels: shyt, i prefer to sit by blacks. less likely to have trouble with ure friends around
[Zone] Sniper@astigin14: if you see a full-sagged-pants man, he's considered a black. lmfao!
[Zone] kingkongor@birdmanrules1: blacks arent friend
2014, folks. Racism isn't dead, it's back in full force with a whole new generation of idiots. Joy.
[Zone] Serenity@jwbluelabels: if they see you seclude ureself from their precense it grants them power ;-)
Huh? What does that even mean? I don't get it.
[Zone] Shieldbash@ripyourlipsoff: more Obamamerica speak turning blacks against whites becasue 400 years ago their own #(^^*&! kind sold them! please
[Zone] Lefty@tornfist: STOP SAYING ALL WHITES!
A fair point, but I'm more repulsed by the "Obamamerica" accusation. Don't get me wrong, there are some good points that surface from time to time in the debate, but in this instance, it's just being thrown out as the justification for everything: "Obama's president, so life sucks right now". "Obama's president, so blacks can't be trusted". "Obama's president, which means America's going to hell". None of it makes any sense to me.
[Zone] William Wallace@xvicariousx: white power!
LEAST of all in an MMORPG. This is online Dungeons & Dragons, people. In Neverwinter, your choices are to play black, white, brown, pink, green, blue and grey. There's a fair bit of racism, sure, but it goes so far beyond just the puerile screaming we're seeing here. There are entire storylines that hinge on untrustworthy Drow and Orcs, clashes with human guards against elves, or the fact that when wizards or Illythids are involved, you can't trust the people in front of you to actually be the people in front of you. We can't leave casual, draining daily racism at the door, even for one measly hour of our lives?!? Why the hell not?!?
[Zone] kingkongor@birdmanrules1: white power!
Seriously? AGAIN?
[Zone] Ravenna Feral@maxvonsparks: lets be honest, only real sh1t you're gonna get in off bankers and politicians
[Zone] Shieldbash@ripyourlipsoff: If i could own some blacks i surely would... But I and my family did not so **(% off and grow up
So in all seriousness, at this point I was thinking of just logging off and finding something more fun to do, like exposing nerves in my teeth, or...Then this happened:
[Zone] kingkongor@birdmanrules1: Why do you separate whites from colored in the laundry? is that not racist
What? I don't...what?
[Zone] Sniper@astigin14: they're clothes scumbag
[Zone] Serenity@jwbluelabels: why seperate them. unless ure using cheap detergent
[Zone] kingkongor@birdmanrules1: Ah so you do not seperate whites and colored in laundry
[Zone] Serenity@jwbluelabels: i dont
[Zone] kingkongor@birdmanrules1: Good for you
[Zone] Sooty@sooty07: i dont
[Zone] kingkongor@birdmanrules1: I like to wash the whites first. Then the blacks.

I...No words. Just...other than "kingkongor" is a gigantic troll with sprinkles on top.
[Zone] Serenity@jwbluelabels: and i mix my D milk with chocolate milk
[Zone] Eviscera@pliske: I separate the darks from the whites and throw away all the blacks.
[Zone] Serenity@jwbluelabels: i wash the mexicans first
Cue aggrieved sigh. I give up.

Seriously, some days I hate people.

And of course, then...
[Zone] Cis Privilege Haver@forumname5262: lol at nerding history in a mmo

Because if we're spending our time playing an online fantasy MMO, chances are ridiculously high we like computers and gaming.

Also, dear gods, your name...It's not worse than the previous two conversations, but goddamn, it's close.

Yep. Definitely giving up for now. Blah.

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