Thursday, March 1, 2012

the frame is narrow, can't you see?

D!va Hair has released a group gift for reaching 30,000 members. There's a ton more group gifts both on the initial platform between floors, and the back of the upper room. If you have group room, though, and you like hair, you might want to join.

Oz Linden has answered some of the most commonly-asked questions about the new TPV policy on the official forums. The first one that popped out for me:
Question 4. Does this mean that third party viewers may no longer experiment with and help test new features??

Answer: No - if the feature would fall under the 2.k rule, then it is faster and easier for everyone if the primary development and testing of it be done based on the common upstream code we make available to everyone, but parallel work by developers in test versions (not the default downloads) of TPVs will usually be ok as long as everyone (including the users of those test viewers) understands that the feature may change in incompatible ways, or even in an extreme case be withdrawn (such as if it is found to be harmful in some unresolvable way).
Did I mention the fact that Linden Lab seems to be in a defined place of not thinking things through? I see a lot more "test builds" coming out over the next few months as developers think about this answer. They won't be "official"--no, of
COURSE not! And they'd only be offered for download to beta testers who, say, press a button. But they'll in no OFFICIAL way be offered to the public.

In more bizarre Linden news, new words that will make your Marketplace listing go Adult! Ready?
  • starting a sentence with the word some. Nope, not even kidding.
  • using the word "tail"
  • possibly also using the word "tails"
  • and, just to make life fun for Uni Ninetails (among others), our first last name flip--and you guessed it, using "Ninetails" as a last name flips the listing to Adult.
Which, I'm thinking, is going to suuuuuuck for tail designers, because how else are they going to list their products?!? But it's also going to suck for Uni and the rest--so I guess, just never use your SL name in your description, is my best bet.

More when I hear about them, but honestly, the Lindens are still screwing up the maturity ratings. (I'm not even surprised anymore, I'm just resigned.)

Finally, as @Theramina said on Twitter, "Baby elephant! Fulla beans!" Hee.

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