Saturday, September 12, 2009

you know what they say about small girls

Cheese or font? I was surprised by how often I got that question wrong!

Revel in the tales of the cutest. Rust monster. EVER on Rusty and company. Just trust me--go back to the beginning and read the whole thing. :)

Edgar Mueller is an amazing street painter--his art really has to be seen to be believed, though thankfully, he has both photos and YouTube videos on his site. I am reminded of going to Devil's Moon, and wandering the rain-slick streets, looking down at the puddles that reflected the buildings overhead.

And Alberto Ferretti has created a First Life "Goddess gown that could walk right into Second Life. (And thanks, Miss Tanarian, for the tip!)

Jinx Paz, owner of Le Cimetiere, held a party tonight celebrating four years of operation and lunacy.

I won't even try to identify everyone in the pics; there were way too many...

4th anniversary at Le Cimetiere!

(Burnt zombie on the chainlink.)

4th anniversary at Le Cimetiere!

(Another zombie who didn't make it.)

4th anniversary at Le Cimetiere!

(Party at the end of the world.)

4th anniversary at Le Cimetiere!

(One of the DJs of the evening with the green raver glow, Mr Widget, who has the wildest mix of mashups and just deranged songs I've heard, barring Edward Pearse. The two with the red hair behind him? Mm. Sphynx Soliel, on the left, and I.

(Sphynx is very, very tall.)

4th anniversary at Le Cimetiere!

(More zombies who tested the perimeter...and failed.)

4th anniversary at Le Cimetiere!

(One of the few zombies who made it in...but it was okay, he just wanted to party.)

4th anniversary at Le Cimetiere!

(The catboi in indigo was VampireKiss Fairey, and he insisted that he was still a vampire even after transformation to purple...glowing...catboi...*coughs* He even left rainbow-colored pawprints when he walked anywhere.

(Further, your faithful respondent Sayeth Not.)

4th anniversary at Le Cimetiere!

(Another of the DJs, looking quite fabulous in a Debbie Harry sort of way, and just to the right, Jinx Paz herself, in the allover tattoos and the striped leggings.)

It was a grand, grand celebration of everything Le Cimitiere is, and a perfect launch for their coming years of operation, oddly...Of course, past four ayem, the party started to get seriously deranged...references to zombies and demons very nearly stopped, and references to the OTO, Freemasonry, Unitarianism and the Church of Scientology went way up.

In weird, weird ways.

But hey, even that's part of it, right? Happy four years on the grid, Le Cim--long may you rave.


Sphynx Soleil said...

Being tall is fun! Nobody can *possibly* think I'm a child that way... *laughs*

(Though...I've run into some doorways that are...a bit tricky...)

Emilly Orr said...

See, I'd say you're being silly, but even now, if I wear my pixie av or my doll, every so often some jerk comes along and accuses me of wanting child sex.

Grow up and get over your issues, honestly...

I'd try being tall, but--weirdly, it just doesn't *feel* right. I'm used to looking up at people. :)

Sphynx Soleil said...

I look up at just about everyone in RL, so I never felt the urge to continue that in SL too. *shrugs*

And I'm usually being silly, even when I'm being serious! :)