Wednesday, September 30, 2009

living on if and if I tried

How the Lindens fail to deter crime in Second Life. Admire or despise Prokovy Neva, this one's still thought-provoking.

Some context for CopyBot.

I still don't know where I came across this--likely something from the web-wandering Mm. Allen--but it's still rather a stunning image. If you have no experience with BDSM, you're likely wondering why she's kneeling by the side of the bed. If you do have any experience with BDSM, or even Gorean conventions, you know exactly why she's kneeling.

What makes me ponder, about that, is usually ads are more subtle with their subtext. This? This is not subtext. This is a woman clearly serving her husband on her knees. (The implication, of course, being that if you buy this snazzy brand of tie, you too will have a wife willing to serve the powerful man you've become.)

Master of the house? Indubitably. But there's no subtext about it; this is plain text.

Over at Kona Island some days back, checking out an apparent "sex tub"--it just sounded too wild not to get--I got caught up completely by this:

Skydancer in Kona

She's called The SkyDancer. She's just breathtaking.

Skydancer in Kona

Amael Juran of Zensual Sculpture made her. This is what sculpted prims were made for.

Skydancer in Kona

Start to finish.

The Hope Hunt is driving me crazy at speed. I've finally given up; Depoz did me in, honestly, when I hit the first of their three participating locations, and learned they had forty-five roses to find. Good gods.

The hunt itself is simple: you can get a HUD to wear to keep track of things, if you're trying for the grand prize; otherwise, you can just choose the stores you want, go pick up pink roses, and go on with your life.

The problem is, some merchants don't have every rose set for sale. Other merchants don't have all of theirs out. And, if you're not just bopping between stores you like, if you want to win the grand prize, you have to make sure your HUD records every single rose in the hunt.

And there's no way to do that, currently.

Well, I gave up, anyway. I have seven hunt folders now that are complete (as far as I'm concerned), that I haven't even gone through, yet. I'm up over fifty-four thousand items in my inventory again. ENOUGH.

Lastly, there's a new tattoo shop, Heureux, that's having a hunt for three very tiny witch's hats. I still have no idea what they look like, because in a solid hour of searching--even with hints--I couldn't even find one. You're welcome to look, but in the meantime, this charming example of Engrish from the hunt card:

The present is concealed in each store.

It is a black hat that finds.

The following LM is in the present.

They are nine shops in all.
The amount of the present is 1~3.

Prezent name for 1/1.1/2.1/3

It enjoys and it hunts Halloween.

...Okay. Did I mention that, not having found at least one of these little hats, I have no idea who the other eight stores are in this thing?


But go if you want. Maybe you'll have better luck at finding them.

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