Thursday, March 5, 2009

doom drove them on, darkness took them

[20:55] Neome Graves: Also, Nomine just released "Skinless Skins"
[20:55] Emilly Orr: 0.0
[20:56] Emilly Orr: This I have to see.

So off I went to Nomine to look.


(Click for larger image, as usual; "edited" to preserve PhotoBucket's "propriety".)

She wasn't kidding. Miss Zaius has now released muscle-layer skins, in male and female (one skin tone, natch), for L$1000 each. They're disturbing and beautiful. But they remind me a bit too strongly of Hellraiser.


And she still doesn't have demos for her Drow skins. Honestly, I'm past asking or caring at this point. Once, she was the maker of the Drow skins I wanted; now, I can't be bothered. Anyone I have to write for more than a year in asking for demos (when she has them for everything else); well, I plainly give up.

It's not like I spend that often as Drow anyway; and as always, even my Drow is not true, just imitation.

In other news, a friend of mine (Serenity Semple) has finally finished the Twisted hunt. Her end total? Seventeen items kept out of one hundred and one.

"One hundred and one?" you ask. Yes. Because she couldn't find two of the hunt items. And what Serenity can't find doesn't exist, frankly.

Now I grant you, Serenity of the plushy white fur and lavender hair, addicted to cupcakes and angel wings, is not an arbiter of most of my stylistic choices. Even with that, though, that's telling.

Seventeen. Seventeen items she deemed well-made, and of worth, and additions to her life. Seventeen.

The "hunt for the rest of us"? Continues failing on all levels.

One last thing to consider: everyone (especially everyone in Mr. Frank's district) should consider emailing, calling or actually writing Barney Frank in support of his striking down the United States internet gambling ban. If he succeeds in striking it down, SL may actually show some life again. It's worth a shot, anyway.

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