Monday, March 9, 2009

catering to your disasters' every need

Woke up today, and after far too many hours spent dithering on other things, got around to scanning the entry from yesterday. It's now corrected and re-released into the wild; so from yesterday's mass music linkage party, I now continue.

Algernon Misanthrope comes next, with his comment on specific songs:
My humble suggestions to throw into the mix, if you will, are:

Tonight Tonight, -Smashing Pumpkins,
We Only Come Out at Night, -Smashing Pumpkins,
Red Right Hand, -Nick Cave,
Happy Workers, -Tori Amos,
The Tale of Two Doves, -Whisper in the Noise,
The Heart's Filthy Lesson, -David Bowie.

And quick mentions of Johann Johannsson and Godspeed You Black Emperor tied up that thread.

The other thread mentioned started off with _brentbrent_ mentioning Emilie Autumn, Louis XIV and Levi Weaver (that leads to a short film, mostly Weaver talking; for more of the music try this). It led from there.

Tom Waits again (What's He Building In There?), the Dresden Dolls, the Unextraordinary Gentlemen, bands I've mentioned before (notably: Abney Park)'s becoming just as much a diverse grouping.

Metalsporks didn't have anything for the list, but made an intriguing comment:
I prefer industrial edged stuff. Such as Rammstein, Drum 'n' Bass, Death Metal, etc. But to really pull the full steampunk out in me it has to be that sort of sound with a serenading edge. But that could be because I view steampunk as a sort of romanticized view of the industrial revolution. [A look] at the machines as awe inspiring instead of the way that the machines are [screwed] nowadays as being monstrous and death inducing.

Again they go back to the German sounds of industry, this time dragging in Neubaten again, as well as Laibach, Test Dept., Blixa Bargeld and SPK. Then back to the Americas with Priestbird, then--confusingly for me--over to the British Isles with mentions of Steeleye Span, the Clumsy Lovers and the Chieftains.

Jill Tracy rates a mention, as does Humanwine, and then the thread neatly ties up. Yay? Or not, because I still have to research everyone who was mentioned...

And a MySpace group called Sepiachord is apparently doing the same thing, over there.

So, enough of that, for now, back to Edward. He reopened his Babbage store! Apparently there was some problematic bombing or something. At any rate, we threw a grand opening party. (I can say we, I hosted!)

Before it all started, though, we repaired to a nearby roof whilst Edward restarted the sim--in this case, 'we' being me (in small Iron Tiny form), Lady Christine in blue, and Edward--and, once it had fallen into wat'ry ether and returned, all set off flying for the destination.

Save for me. I got stuck, as I am wont to do, inside someone else's locked warehouse.

While I was searching for a way out, how'ver, I did find time to appreciate her sense of humor:


(Click for the larger image to see more of why.)

Then we were off and dancing to the inspired and occasionally mad spinnings of Edward's trove of music. Mostly I just chattered away, greeting and bidding farewell, but a few things caught my eye.

The first walked in attached to Mr. Nix Sands:


These copper-piped lovely things were instantly coveted by half the party guests, I think, and I know he was asked if he'd be selling them. I don't know what they do, precisely, beyond look terribly cool, but they do do that, and quite well, I might add.


Next--though I doubt he was aware of it--I managed to catch the perfect combination of Victorian style: Edward's marvelous new store build silhouetting Dr. Rafael Fabre. Kudos to both, a moment before or later I wouldn't have been able to capture it.


Lastly, Dr. Obolensky has taken it upon himself to eradicate all sources of what he deems "magic" from Babbage soil. This one (apparently undeployed, though what I know of these things could be painlessly carved on my thumbnail) was lying, pulsing with a fevered red glow, down the alley from Edward's shop door.

And while such enterprises in an industrial realm seem all well and good, several folks came to the grand opening, grew queasy, and repaired home to rest. I, in fact, would have had I not been so far from my fae heritage, being clad in simpler human (well, demi-human) skin.

More than that, though, I have to wonder, because the thought does cross the mind: is there more behind this than simple nonhuman prejudice? For the Clockwinder himself bears fae blood, and fell ill; so could it be, in fact, this is less about magic's eradication, and more about seizing empire? Is this less a purge, more political in nature?

Either way, the 'good' Doctor bears watching...

And finally, the sims of S.I.C. are having another hunt for some indefinable bit of technology that kills things. Just go to the SLUrl, click the poster (when it rezzes in) and then find your way around the sim!

...oh, you want more than that? Okay. There are clues.

#1: No rentals here, you'll have to ask the clerk.

#2: This hospital has more wires and spare parts than organs.

#3: Always time to sit and contemplate the bridge. Behind the barricades.

#4: You'll have a lot of fans here.

#5: In industry is found release.

#6: There is value in Soylent Green.

#7: The carnival's in view, but it's what's found underneath that's of more use.

#8: Amidst industrial rubble what you seek is found. (Just don't fall in the water; we don't know where it's been.)

#9: Don't pay the piper, just find the right pipe.

#10: Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.


Kraxpelax said...
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Emilly Orr said...

Am I your personal ad repository? Why is this here?

Edward Pearse, Duke of Argylle said...

Spammity spam spam spam.

Anyhoo. Thanks for the Linkfest. I've been having a wander through that. I was surprised with the American McGee's Alice track. I've never owned the game so I wasn't familiar with the music but I enjoyed the remix. Nice one. Freur's Doot Doot lost me though.

"Sepiachord" I remember turning up on the Steampunk entry in wikipedia. Seems to be someone's name for "Steampunk music" that they're trying to bring into the common parlance.

Edward Pearse, Duke of Argylle said...

Oh and Mr. Sand's boots are rocket boots. The funnels on the ankle flip down to produce jets to help him fly.

Emilly Orr said...

Not a problem; there's some I don't agree with, either, some that are just plain baffling. But it will provide fodder for the consideration mill, if naught else.

Sepiachord as a stylistic choice, not a site name? Hmm. "Sepiachording". "Sepiachorder". "Sepiachorded". "Sepiachordant."

I don't think it'll catch on.

Sphynx Soleil said...

I thought you'd given up on hunts? *tease, grin*

Might want to delete the spam, no point in giving them a free ride to google ranking.

Vernian Process said...

You may get a kick out of this:

We're currently working on obtaining

BTW - I just posted our first finished track from the new album! It's a female vocalist too.

Emilly Orr said...

Sphynx: You're right, I'm far too lenient. And I never said I'd given up on hunts--I gave up on grid-wide hunts. Because they're mostly toss-off detritus, that do nothing to advertise the quality of the business in which the item of hunt whatever is found. Because they're on not infrequent occasion nothing to do with the hunt's main objective--the Peace on Earth grid-wide had about 50% on-target gifts, the Greatest Love had about 40% (plus a higher than expected average of businesses bidding in on a gift slot, then never putting that gift out), and I've covered the tragedy of the Twisted hunt so far.

VP: I'll look into it. Here's another hope tossed into the winds that you get!

Vernian Process said...

Cool. Gilded Age is my new record label/collective. All of the bands featured are inspired by 19th Century themes (most Steampunk in nature).