Wednesday, January 31, 2007

tell me why everything turned around

High priestess of angst.

Neko wrecking ball in motion.

Dances with staplers.

Psychoamazon warbitch from hell (retired).

Owner of the train-wreck love life.

It's a lot to live down to. But I do my best.

Welcome to the continuing adventures of Emilly Orr, neko maladventurer at large.

This week, we're wondering why the ex-love of her life is back to asking her for money and reminiscing on how good things used to be. Men puzzle me some. Men who break up with me and then treat me as if nothing's changed between us...puzzle me more.

Current build project this week: Skybox. We are failing magnificently.


Stiv Rych said...

"Psychoamazon warbitch from hell (retired)" When the hell did I miss that? And Em, honey, ex-lover for you is a broad term.
I know a psycho-satanist warmonger from hell if you want a hook-up. Make you forget about whoever and then bathe in their entrails. Cozy.

emillyorr said...

Oh, that was out of world. That was a while ago. Back when I was the Princess of All Lumber.

I used to be Queen of All Lumber, but I lost some.

...Psycho-Satanist warmonger from hell? Hmm. I tend to get along with Setians more than Satanists, but hey.

Ryce said...

*pokes his head out*
is it safe?

emillyorr said...

Wait, you're asking me?

I never know.

Never gonna play with your entrails, though. Promise from me to you.