Tuesday, March 6, 2018

and death grows like a tree that's planted in my chest

Back to mesh head testing, lo, these many months later, and...hasn't gotten any easier.

This is a demo Vista head, their "Diana" Bento version. Ugh. The chin clipping? Apparently, that's the included teeth, out of the box.

And this was the most I was able to do with. Not enough, and still some clipping. So that head's tabled, I think...

This is a demo Safybelle head, their "Jessy" Bento version. This...won't work.

Well, the included Shape 3 is a good starting point, at least. But I couldn't make it do much past this, more's the pity. I thought this one was really cute, too.

Friend of mine gifted me with Altamura's "Maya" head, and because of that, I really wanted to like it...

...and the above is my total ability to modify the look. Pass.

More to come.

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