Wednesday, September 27, 2017

head full of questions, how can you measure up?

Caderu! It's kind of a hunt, it's kind of a haunt, it's not really equipped for English. Onward!

Oh hey! A train! Took me a bit to figure out that the box 'passengers' aren't gifts to pick up, but just shop logos so we know who's behind this event.

Well...that's not creepy at all... *coughs* ...Also, there's a website. It is not that helpful.


Most of the transitions between zones are pretty easy to figure out, thankfully. It's not hard, even when things are labeled mostly in Japanese.


It has visual novel elements, but it's a bit tricky. There are some minigames to complete, like this washing-dishes one, though they go pretty fast. But overall, the story is engaging, and there are opportunities to earn a Bad End and a Good End (as well as the secret, True End), so it's a good thing it's not dull, because one may have to replay it three times!


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