Friday, February 10, 2017

you look into my eyes, and lie those pretty lies

Tonight--and over the weekend--there's an assortment of celestial goodness to observe, if your skies are clear. If not, I'm sure observatories online will be tossing up videos to share.

In the meantime...more relationship controversy in groups that have nothing to do with relationships!
[17:01] mxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: can freebie things be good?
Err...wait. You're asking--in a freebie group--if freebies are good. What?
[17:02] mxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: like I been having a hard time meeting a woman on here...Do they have any freebie stuff that can make me more attractive to the female race of people?
Whoa. Much bigger problem. And your short answer, as given by Ms. D, is:
[17:02] Sxxxx Dxxxxxx: yes
...but even that needs a bit of explanation. The right freebie items, mixed and matched, most likely, can improve an avatar's attractiveness--any avatar's attractiveness. But that's where it's going to stop. If your personality reminds those of the "female race" of people (Seriously--"female race of people"? Really? Really?!) of a dead fish, it won't matter how attractive the envelope is, no one's going to want to read the letter.
[17:02] jxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: but not a free penis. spend some lindens
Ideally. There are some things that are worth the cost, in virtual environments.
[17:03] Pxxxxx Pxxxxxxxx: Can freebie things be good? Um yep, thats the entire point of this group
[17:03] mxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Im not really worried about the penis cause most likely the real women who aren't into rape play wouldn't care about that anyway.. I wanna look more like i got money on SL
Oh, wau, are you treading in dangerous waters. I want to unpack this highly charged statement. This man:
  1. has no money, but
  2. wants to look like he has money, so he will
  3. attract the type of women who want money, who will
  4. be disappointed when he turns out to be broke, and
  5. leave him anyway, for
  6. some other guy (who may or may not have money).
Wouldn't it be easier just to be a good guy? Strike up a conversation with someone, see if you click? Why does it all have to be pretense?
[17:03] Pxxxxx Pxxxxxxxx: [mxxxxxxxxx]. Let me give you some free advice =) From a woman.. it really doesnt matter what you look like. Its how you act and treat women that will help you find one for yourself
[17:04] Sxxxx Dxxxxxx: true
[17:04] mxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I know but i am also lacking in charisma and charm so I figured maybe I can look like i have money on here
...oh. So, wait, you're admitting you don't have anything that would draw a woman to you in SL beyond just having cash? That's depressing as hell...
[17:04] jxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I guess you don't go to nude beaches
[17:04] jxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: and yes. how you act is most important
How we act is always more important than how we look. How we look may draw the first nibbles of interest, but if we're cardboard cutouts, people will get bored and drift away. If we're the most attractive, sultry, sensual visage imaginable, but we have a harpy's sharpness of tongue, we're going to drive partners away. If ew're the must carved muscled Adonis, sleekly oiled and gently flexing, but partners notice the "SPACE FOR RENT" signs behind our eyes? Same thing. We can't keep people if we don't try. And that requires a personality, not glitter and gloss.
[17:04] Pxxxxx Pxxxxxxxx: but yes, you should be able to find good stuff to fix yourself up free. Join the tellaq group and keep on top of their group midnight madness
[17:05] Pxxxxx Pxxxxxxxx: honestly, how much money a guy has or what kind of a pixel body he has are the last things i care about
[17:05] zxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i agree with [Pxxxxx]
[17:06] Pxxxxx Pxxxxxxxx: I want a companion who's interested in the things I'm interested in, who wants to do the things I want to do. And who treats me like I'm the most important person in the world to him, while treating everyone else good too.
And this shouldn't be an impossible goal. It takes far more work to be vile, to be unlikable, than it does to be genuine. Awkwardness is not always a deal-breaker. Awkward is honest, at least, and more people than we realize appreciate a glimpse at the person behind the avatar, in terms of personality if nothing else.
[17:06] Pxxxxx Pxxxxxxxx: so. go find things you like to do. when you find a woman who likes the same things, there you go
[17:07] zxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: if you attract women that want a guy with money they will leave you when they find out differently
Absolutely, as I said earlier. If all they want is the money this man doesn't have, they're not going to wait around for the next excuse, they're just going to jet.
[17:07] mxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: not many girls are into foot fetishes or starcraft
He'd be surprised. Starcraft hardcore, maybe not so many female players, though there are a few. Foot fetishes, terms of members, we have Foot Fetish!!, Sole Desire, Club Stiletto, Fetish Consolidated, [Fifty Shades of Femdom], Foot Passion * VIPS *, Extreme Femdom, Inferior Sluts for Superior Goddess, and Footpaws. And those are just the groups that have over 500 members. There are far, far more groups on the grid.

There's also sims, clubs, and if he's really in a pinch, tracking down fetish footwear stores for those who are attracted to the highest of heels and the most punishing boots might give him women to start a conversation with. Don't you think?
[17:07] cxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: 0.0
[17:07] Pxxxxx Pxxxxxxxx: ok then! good luck with that
Yeah, no doubt.
[17:07] kxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I think many men want the same things you do, [Pxxxxx] but for some of them testosterone gets in the way :)
[17:08] Pxxxxx Pxxxxxxxx: yea well testosterone has its uses too =)
[17:08] Pxxxxx Pxxxxxxxx: I found someone who is all that, thats why ive been married 27 years
[17:08] Pxxxxx Pxxxxxxxx: well, in may
[17:08] zxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lol
[17:08] cxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: gratz
[17:08] mxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: oh i wouldn't want to meet anyone from here, I just want to play make believe
And there's nothing wrong with that. No one makes anyone meet in person, for all that many folks on SL do meet on the grid, and then take it off the grid to share RL together, too. But you have to have a personality, something to draw someone in other than "I look rich".
[17:08] Pxxxxx Pxxxxxxxx: thanks =)
[17:09] kxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: preservation of the species until there is another way, [Pxxxxx], but it is undoubtably the cause of war
[17:09] mxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: give me a break
[17:09] Pmxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I never met two female roommates in my life that didn't want to kill each other at the end of it
Then you've definitely been hanging out with the wrong women.
[17:09] Pxxxxx Pxxxxxxxx: im really glad im not out there looking now, cause i'd be looking for sincerity and finding a player who just wants starcraft, foot fetish stuff, and fakery
Yeah. That'd be a real bummer, if they're things you have no interest in.
[17:09] mxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: They could go in as best friends and they always come out ready to rip each others faces off
Good gods, what kind of women are you meeting?? Get new friends. Jesus Christ.
[17:09] kxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: pfft you should see me and my wife
[17:10] kxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: wars are not started by women, [mxxxxxxxxx], but I am not here to argue
[17:10] mxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Thank god they aren't
[17:10] mxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: The war would never end
You have a really lousy opinion of women, Mr. R. So, you're broke, unpleasant, and misogynistic--but you want to find some woman on SL who'll be attracted just to how rich you can make yourself look? In the hopes that she'll be stupid enough to stick around and put no demands on you, that she'll be perfectly content with your looking wealthy, without actually buying her things and making her feel special. That's really low.
[17:10] zxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: that is not true [mxxxxxxxxx] my university room mate and I are still friends
[17:10] mxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: wars would be forever life time grudges indefinitely
[17:10] Pxxxxx Pxxxxxxxx: [mxxxxxxxxx]'s age is showing =)
No doubt. Or, as said, his inbred misogyny. Guy like this, he'd be better off gay, with the way he hates and fears all women.
[17:10] kxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: we would all be dead...push that button! Y'all going down with me!
[17:10] Axxxxx Sxxxxxxxx: I get along just fine with my roommate's 17 year old daughter :)
[17:10] cxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: hahahaha spoken like a man!
[17:11] mxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Estrogen can be just as dangerous or even more.
Hormones in general, no matter what gender they're in, if they're out of control, they're dangerous. What this knuckle-dragging troglodyte seems to forget is that not all women are hateful, hellish creatures who will claw and bite at any rival out of anger and boredom. Women have minds. Women have independent decision-making powers. Women can form friendships, learn things, speak words, and interact--just like real people, Mr. R!
[17:11] kxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: spoken as a woman who is married to a woman and have synced periods
[17:11] Pxxxxx Pxxxxxxxx: sure it can. root of all wars, women fighting
[17:12] kxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: certainly you are being sarcastic, [Pxxxxx]
[17:12] mxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Women might not be written in the history books but you would be naive to think they didn't have an impact on history.. They can have control over men in fundamental ways
That's a statement that starts off pretty high up in the stupidsphere, Mr. R. You seem to think that all wars, all controversies, were plotted by female hands. Men were just furry little innocents, living in peace and harmony, before the eeeeevil feeeemales came along? What century did you grow up in, Mr. R? Because it certainly wasn't either of the last two.
[17:12] Pxxxxx Pxxxxxxxx: me? sarcastic? never ever happens. lol
[17:12] kxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: and [Pxxxxx] is a sweetie *hugs the puppy I got from her*
[17:12] Pxxxxx Pxxxxxxxx: aws
[17:12] Ckxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: no, [mxxxxxxxxx], not the women, the testosterone has control over men
[17:12] Pxxxxx Pxxxxxxxx: yes, im being sarcastic.
[17:17] mxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Ok fine sorry.. Women are great... and damn the evil patriarch and their collective testosterone rage to hell!!!!! Especially the straight white man.. thats the biggest devil of them all!!!!
Wau, you really hate women. Where does all this impotent rage come from, Mr. R.? Just from the female fighting fish you've had as roommates, or from the apparently calculating, dismissive bitches on SL? Or were you just raised to despise anyone without a penis?
[17:17] zxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [mxxxxxxxxx] let's keep it cool please.. many of the members were trying to help you
[17:18] dxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: honestly everyone is messed up no one is innocent just some try to pass the blame of their mess ups to to others

[17:18] Mxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: im gonna go ahead and assume that was a case of wrong box
[17:18] dxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: so like [Zxx] said let it drop and relax
[17:20] mxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: sorry just that I deal with a lot of frustrations cause of my inadequate sex life both in the real world and in an alternate reality.. Maybe if I had a 3rd or fourth life i could be a little better at it.. two doesn't seem enough
[17:20] Mxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: blinks
[17:21] mxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: look i already got people from out of the wood work cursing me out .. unreal
And I wasn't even one of them. I'd stayed entirely out of this conversation at the time.
[17:21] Mxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: so shhhhhhhhh
[17:26] Pxxxxx Pxxxxxxxx: I don't think another life is going to help your sex life.
[17:26] Pxxxxx Pxxxxxxxx: LOL
[17:26] kxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [mxxxxxxxxx], I think [Pxxxxx] was only trying to give you good advice about how important personality, empathy, and simply caring is.
Yes, and those are good traits to have. Apparently Mr. R. doesn't have any of them, though, by his own admission.
[17:26] Pxxxxx Pxxxxxxxx: look if that's all you care about, you need to go hang out on some foot fetish sim. i'm sure there are some.
See above. Tons.
[17:26] Pxxxxx Pxxxxxxxx: meanwhile, this is a pg group, so we should probably not talk about it anymore =)
[17:27] Axxxxxxxxxxxx Sxxxxxxx: Okay, enough with the sex life talk, adequate or not. Bring it to IM and keep it out of group chat
[17:27] Kxxxx Lxxxxxxxx: yea please do
[17:27] mxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: that would be nice, hopefully ill be fortunate enough to talk to someone about it in a private chat.
Who's not yelling at you? I highly doubt it. Have fun crawling back under your rock.


Cesar G. Garcia Ocadiz said...

This was the funniest shit I've read in a while. Thanks for taking the time to upload it and for the effort it should've taken to censor the names!

Emilly Orr said...

It's a pain, but as folks pointed out, it's easier having censored names than actual names. You're welcome!