Friday, January 3, 2014

I know the world's a broken bone

George Orwell once wrote eleven ways to brew a perfect cup of tea. There are indeed some very controversial points--one I particularly disagree with is that tea should be bitter, though I will agree that for some teas, strong is preferred over weak.

In the meantime, why aren't more women employed in the gaming industry? This article goes a fair way towards explaining why.

In a bizarre turn of events, in hunting down various online avatar generators (having net access only on a wee netbook, as the fans on my main comp are still dead), I discovered Linkin Park has a generator online. Yes, that Linkin Park. It's kind of cute, actually, though there aren't a ton of options. Still, it stands out from most of the other generators, due to its utter simplicity.

So what exactly is "clickbait"? It's pretty much the online equivalent of Fox News (only less malicious and political, for the most part). It's essentially any online headline designed to draw people in to a link that will generate ad revenue; not coincidentally, they're largely written by staff writers hired by the ad companies in question. They're anything from video links to cute cat photos to top ten lists to presumably "shocking" things, right or wrong, they're going to make you think you need to know.

Sites like Buzzfeed and Upworthy are the best examples of this trend, mostly because they've hired writers and researchers who do their best to surf for interesting content to pass on, for the most part. But there are far more unscrupulous sites out there, who toss an attention-grabbing photo and some chosen words of hype into a pre-generated template in the hopes that it will fool people long enough to get those ad revenue coins into the site owner's pockets.

The creators of Headlines Against Humanity are beyond fed up with this practice, so--based on the popular game Cards Against Humanity--they've created an online web site to address this growing issue. Can you identify the real clickbait headlines from the fakes? (Sadly, there are many, many occasions where both choices are true.)

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