Monday, August 26, 2013

dangling feet from the window frame, will I ever reach the floor?

People still wonder why some of us really dislike child avatars in SL...
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Any questions?

Let me make this plain: I have no problem with the Babbage urchins. I have few problems with the children and wards in Caledon. I have no problem with the children who think playing a child in SL means playing an underage person.

(from the bizarre album; father and daughter fishing at Lucky Cat Games.)

I have HUGE problems with the kind of "Wook at mee, I so adowwabuh!" monstrosities like the chicklet mentioned above.

I've mentioned the folks behind the concrete shelters idea; this one's catching on everywhere from medical relief efforts to military installations. But in some areas, there's just not that much water to go around, or there's not electrical current to where the shelter is needed. What to do in those situations?

IKEA has a plan. They've partnered with a refugee agency within the UN, to design better homes for long-term refugee camps. The structures are still in the prototype stage, but they seem far more stable and more efficient than the tents refugees usually get, and they have the added advantage of lasting two and a half years longer than most tents. With time, they're hoping to design "temporary" homes that will last even longer.

Here's to more solutions working than failing. There are more refugees every day.

This is disquieting; this is disturbing; and this is some new level of financial hell. Though they're all worth looking at; your choice as to which ones sound best to drench your neurons.

Have some Pokemayans while we're at it.

This is this week's Coolest Thing Ever [TM], and you can find them at the Spencer's site (for US residents) or at the Fowndry site (for everyone else, I guess, though the Fowndry doesn't have the best selection).

Also, my last, tenuous shred of reality denial where the "New 52" are concerned has died in flames. Because that's not Lobo, that's a modernized Captain Harlock without the facial scarring. It's an abomination. I refuse to entertain the possibility that there will be a hope for the future, where DC Comics exists in any sense other than as an extreme parody of itself.

I'm sorry, DC. You've finally lost me. I guess I'm a Marvel girl now.

You bastards.

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