Sunday, December 18, 2011

have you ever thought that the sky was just endlessly dark?

I had a small bit of free time yesterday, between holiday demands, and traipsed into world to visit Curious Kitties. Miss Yossarian is having a rare retirement sale (there's more information on it here--and I will admit, I'm not one of her biggest customers. This is due in no way to the quality of her designs; she's always made beautiful skins, hair and outfits, and now she's experimenting with mesh, and what I've been able to see is just as impressive. No, two things hold me back:

1. She's really expensive. Don't get me wrong, her items are likely worth it, but seriously, when I can pay rent for two to four weeks for what she charges for one avatar set, or one week for a skin? Yeah, that's not an impulse buy at that point.

2. I can buy all the hair from her in the world; if I don't have the right HUD to change the colors, I'm pretty much screwed.

How'ver, all that changed with this sale.

(from the shopping album)

This is Erltur, out of the box. I haven't adjusted anything; there's a bit of flicker along the bangs that will need to be fixed, but I can do that later.

(from the shopping album)

This is Erltur tinted in the sage/lilac on the "Wild" color HUD (currently: L$300 for sixteen variant shades), and keep in mind, the "Wild" color HUD only tints the bangs and the ribbons (which I chose to turn purple).

(from the shopping album)

And this is Erltur tinted with the "Old Fashion Brown" HUD picked up some months back on a Curious Kitties' free offer. (Now fixed!--Editrix)

Total outlay (including the HUD) for this hair: L$310. Yes, under this current sale, many of her Nyanotech A and B hairs are going for L$10 each.

Not all of her hairs are anime-inspired, either.

(from the shopping album)

This is Monque out of the box; as you can tell by the flashes of red through my chest and below my left shoulder, the bangs need a bit of adjusting. This is an entirely sculpted style, zero flex.

(from the shopping album)

This is it with candyfloss pink bangs (the back remained black, at least with tints from the "Wild" HUD).

(from the shopping album)

This is it with green-striped bangs; again, the back hair is left black.

(from the shopping album)

And this is it with the "Old Fashion Brown" tinting (which tints the black as well).

Basically, there are several color HUDS to tint hairs, available for the "A" and "B" derivative lines. You can get sixteen colors, in defined shades, for L$300 to L$700; you can get four-packs of colors for $100; and many specialty shades between L$300 and L$500 (right now, I believe, she still has the "Strawberry Banana" color pack of streaked pink and yellow, and she's newly released an arctic shading pack of white, silver, blue and lilac, I think). If you line up the HUD you want (or already have one, in my case), and find hairs you like to match that HUD--trust me, ten Linden hair? Not easy to find.

**DO** make backup copies, though! I can't stress that enough, because none of the HUDs has a color reset button. If you liked the way the hair looked out of the box, make a backup, because you won't get it back! And keep in mind if you buy one of the specialty holiday hair HUDs (like the Grand Ornament hair HUD, for instance), it will only work to change the colors on that hair.

Still, a lot of different options, for less inventory space. Can't really argue with that.


Icterus Dagger said...

Miss Emily, I think you have duplicate photos. The photo you describe as showin "Erltur tinted with the 'Old Fashion Brown' HUD" is identical to the one you describe as "Monque out of the box."

Otherwise, lovely photos.


Emilly Orr said...

I didn't even catch that! Argh...

*goes off to fix*