Wednesday, November 2, 2011

you gave me roses, and I left them there to die

Sometimes charts are helpful. This one will helpfully tell you whether you're a hipster or a Time Lord. You're welcome.

And--a little late, but surely it can be saved for next Samhain--the great and terrible Steampunkin. Muahahaha?

Meanwhile, DC Universe Online has put up this picture on their Twitter feed as an example of the amazing things that can be done in their game. I get what they're trying for, I just don't entirely sure if they understand their target audience. I can't think of more than a scant handful of people who would sit up in their seats and think, "My GODS, I've always WANTED to be a big reptilian bird, SIGN ME UP!"

From another direction entirely, here's a lovely introduction to Victorian hair craft. If you're truly interested (and not already an enthusiast), there are scores more information pages on the net.

The Freebie Hunters' blog took a poll on what people wanted to see in hunts, and what people hated seeing in hunts. The results are fairly specific, fairly interesting, and posted on their website.

I still don't have my Master ranking in Octoberville. I'm not pleased. But I'm going to let another day or two go by before I drop more notecards asking for the rankings to be reset. I finished in time, damn it, in something of a blurred two-day frenzied haul. I fought hard for that. Frankly, I want it.

Have I mentioned the mechanical ring clock? I can't remember. But I want one.


Serenity Semple said...

Sorry to hear about you Octoberville problems. :s You'd think they'd be more concerned since you're one of the elites or whatever they call them now.

Also for the hunt info, I thought it was a really neat read. As someone who's organized and participated in hunts, I did not expect people to be so craving hints. For me, I get so frusterated with hints because about 60% of the time they're plain out wrong and 40% of the time don't make sense (now I'm not talking don't make sense in that I don't understand it, but more as in really really broken english or spelling). Other than that I think it was more surprising to see how many people do hunt together, and that the sl freebie hunters thought it was shocking how many solo hunters there are. I enjoy company but it is difficult when each person usually hunts at a different pace. Hina always runs circles around me when we hunt and I struggle to catch up to him, but I still enjoy the company and experience together sometimes. What did you think about the poll stuff?

Emilly Orr said...

I've been sitting on the Oville page for the past three days, refreshing when I think about it; I'm still listed on the Epic list, but I'm also listed as a finisher on this year's hunt. Which means I should have moved from Epic to Master.

As far as the hunt poll, I think they got a lot of really good answers, and I was also surprised at how high people rated hints. I know when I took the poll, I didn't vote that option high, because there are so many different factors that can make a hint utterly obscure--everything from not having experience with how that avatar thinks, to the fact that a lot of stores give hints that only their group members would really get. (Then there are the folks who just go out of their way to make the hint useless; I've never been back to the store whose hint was "Look up, look down, look all around, but where it is will not be found". That hit my personal Screw you, I'm done with this factor.)