Wednesday, March 23, 2011

we go front, back, and side to side

An astute reader found this, though as a promoted item, it could have been anyone on the grid, shopping through the Marketplace, to find it:

From the Bizarre album

The description on this thing, btw, is almost worth clicking the product page (linked below). It includes such gems as:
(you guys) use it to harass sexy AVs on fashion events, parties. Especially NOT on famous celebrity AVs making special appearances on SL. Especially, Especially NOT - I repeat - NOT take pictures or videos of you molesting these famous celebrities and post them on YouTube.
(you ladies) use this product to harass and humiliate AVs who look and dress better than you.
(you all) use it to prey on unsuspecting newbies on orientation / help islands.
(you Sociopaths) Organize Mass Molestation operations/campaigns...
And while I'm sure these are great CYA statements, they seem specifically targeted to the sorts of activity one could do with a HUD like this--specifically because it doesn't need to ask permission, it's rigged to work if you just stand next to another avatar. You could be standing next to a tree for all the HUD cares.

Listen, I'm all for consensual games of most kinds, and yeah, I realize, in RL women (and the occasional male) get fondled without direct consent all the time. How'ver, that doesn't necessarily mean that's a good thing. More to the point, it shouldn't be the promoter's job to suggest "fun" activities one might do on the grid to harass an ex, say, or break up a news conference/product launch "for the lulz"--you know?

Plus, there's a video, which is likely to enrage some and amuse others.

The comments are actually worse. My favorite is from "HEN Streeter":
hehe awomse work lool i like it and i do think sl need some motivation not like hey can i touch u here and there- did some reason on some posets and ehe awomse feature dosent need to ask perms i ilike the idea a lot i hope u will make more huds i boght 3 and am happy also wonderufl custumer servise XD thank u very much

hehe about this hud -wonderful idead! xd cools anims hehe wonderful job m8 keep up ythe good work
That is as is, folks, the total thing, no corrections, no editing. It's that badly misspelled on a published review.

How'ver, there's two caveats to detail on this product. Point the first: if it came up as listed under 'General' or 'Moderate', then yeah, that's a glitch, because I couldn't get the product to come up until I was on General/Moderate/Adult--which is where I should be set to view things like this.

Point the second may be even more important: this device has been kicking around SL since 2007. This isn't new in any way.

But here's the thing that made me shake my head--take a look at that picture again. More specifically, this item:
From the Bizarre album

Now, this is SL, so I would recommend that folks ignore the heavy makeup on said child, because finding skins without makeup is really, REALLY difficult. And I do realize that a lot of folks choose to promote a lot of items, and what comes up in any given session is pretty much the luck of the draw--they aren't targeted, they aren't organized, they're just thrown up on the main page because folks paid a lot for them to rotate through the main page. I get that, believe me.

But having a child AO come up right next to the sleaze of the "MOLEST HUD"...yeah, that made me ask what the Lindens were thinking, for just a moment.

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