Tuesday, September 9, 2008

and you can tell from the full-body cast that I'm sorry that I asked

Pursuant to the last entry...some interesting things have been learned.

I decided that, since I had the scripts, I would set up two test objects, along with a test 'key'. I didn't name the test object 'key', I just wanted to see what would happen.


(Setting up the test. The sage object has the 'Locker' script, the lilac object has the 'Blue Lady' script.)

Then we dragged in our recalcitrant employee from sordid casino-hopping, and told her to buy the key and transfer it to the objects, one at a time.


(Miss Drillicent Gothly, in desperate search of an elsewhere to be.)

She bought the object I'd set to 0L, closed all folders in her inventory, opened the objects folder, clicked on the test object, held down Ctrl, and dragged it into the 'locker' prim I'd set up.

It announced four items were transferred, which were not selected. But even more interesting was, when I opened the 'locker' prim, I found twenty-three other items in there.

I told her to buy a new copy of the test 'key', and repeat what she'd done--click open Objects, click 'key', hold down Ctrl and drag to 'locker'.

It went over, along with twenty-three objects as well, and one intriguing new addition--the "zen_inv1" script, created from the scripts Sir ZenMondo Wormser left in the earlier entry's comments. A script, by the way, which Miss Gothly did not have. Essentially, the object's own script ate itself.

And after which, that prim failed to work.

We never could get the 'Blue Lady' reproduction item to do anything but calmly and quietly accept the test object prim. So it's not a constant effect.

What is causing the misbehavior--which, by the way, never seems to happen with scripts not written by Zen, though I grant you, we may very well be doing things entirely differently--of the 'locker' and 'Blue Lady' scripts? We still don't know.

Mr. Allen maintains it's not the scripts. More, he maintains it cannot be the scripts, that there is no way that LSL can work in the way I've described. I keep asking, then what is it?

We're still trying to figure that out. But in the meantime, we have the additional mystery of Miss Gothly's missing twenty-three objects...and the prim then turning and eating its own script. That just makes no sense, whatsoever.

(Oh--and there are no death rays in Morgaine. Really. Ignore the presence of the...err...NON-death rays, that's it...in...the pictures...*coughs*)


Anonymous said...

have all the items been no-copy ones? Or have no-trans ones been eaten as well?

If no-trans ones have also been affected, this is a security issue - nay, a security BREACH - and should be raised as such.

Emilly Orr said...

That's the problem we're currently trying to verify as well.

Most of the items lost were from Bare Rose. Bare Rose, as a matter of routine, sells nocopy, transfer items. However, there were other items lost from other makers, and we need to track down the names we have and find out if they're notrans.

If they were--then yes, you're right. And it needs to be addressed as a potential exploit.